With its pleasant fragrance, lesser calamint is a great choice for mixed containers

Some names simply beg the query of why? Before the city was even constructed, a surveyor plotted out land that already belonged to somebody. It was an accident and the city of Accident, Maryland, was born. Dakota sounds daunting sufficient so why add “North” to the identify? At one time there was a push to rename the state merely Dakota.
Which brings us to calamint, or extra precisely, “Lesser calamint.” This easy-to-grow perennial has ethereal plumes lined in numerous tiny, white flowers with a trace of blue above mint-scented foliage. Often the flowers are so dense they utterly block out the leaves. Once established, it blooms repeatedly from June into October. The vegetation type clusters two ft tall and equally extensive.
A local of Europe and the Mediterranean, it is simple to develop from seed, and can even bloom the primary yr planted. It grows finest in full solar, though it does tolerate partial shade. It thrives in soils that drain nicely and is fairly drought tolerant.
Calamintha appears to exude relaxtion, so plant it the place its pleasant minty perfume may be loved. It does nicely as an edging plant, or in mixed borders and cottage gardens. Plant calamint beneath taller, leggy flowers corresponding to Echinacea or mixed in with child’s breath (Gypsophila).
With its pleasant perfume, lesser calamint is a great choice additionally for mixed containers.
After a few years you might need to divide the clumps of lesser calamint. Do this in early spring.
This is a hardy plant that tolerates each dry and moist soils. It attracts pollinators together with butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.
You can begin the seeds indoors and transplant them later, or direct sow proper within the backyard. Indoors, barely cowl the seed with compost or vermiculite. Wet the floor and maintain it moist however not soggy.
Seeds will germinate in seven to 21 days. Pot the seedlings up into three-inch pots. Harden the vegetation off by setting them on a porch throughout the day for a week or two. This helps forestall transplant shock.
After all hazard of frost has handed and the bottom has warmed up, instantly sow seeds the place they’ll develop within the backyard. You can broadcast seeds mixed with sand for big casual drifts or you possibly can plant the seeds in additional formal rows. 
Once established, skinny the seedlings to face about a foot aside.
Cut the vegetation again after blooming to encourage extra flowers, and to maintain the vegetation shorter and denser.
There are a number of named kinds of Lesser Calmint. Montrose White Lesser Calamint (Calamintha nepeta Montrose White) is a tidy foot-tall plant with white blossoms that can by no means go to seed as a result of it is sterile.
The very showy White Cloud Lesser Calamint (Calamintha nepeta White Cloud) has extra flowers than the extra frequent strains.
Plant Lesser Calamint and you should have a wholesome magnet for honeybees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The perfume of mint and clouds of flowers swaying within the breeze will chill out you, even in case you occur to be in Accident, Maryland or Ding Dong, Texas.

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