I’m a hair expert – these are the worst shampoos you can use & Lush shampoo bars are the biggest offenders

I’m a hair expert – these are the worst shampoos you can use & Lush shampoo bars are the biggest offenders
I’m a hair expert – these are the worst shampoos you can use & Lush shampoo bars are the biggest offenders

WHAT’S your favorite shampoo? 
Unless you’ve been gifted the posh stuff for Christmas, the chances are you take pleasure in switching between candy-smelling manufacturers on the grocery store cabinets.
4Hair expert Hasini Kay says Lush shampoo bars are the absolute worstCredit: tiktok/@hasinikay
4She says Lush shampoo is simply filled with perfume and nasty sulfatesCredit: tiktok/@hasinikay
You in all probability don’t assume twice about what’s in these bottles, and even have a look at the listing of complicated components earlier than you purchase.
But did you know there’s really a tonne of shampoo manufacturers you shouldn’t be utilizing in your hair? 
An expert has taken to TikTok in the hope of stopping girls from utilizing the biggest offenders in the enterprise. 
And a lot to the disappointment of 1000’s, she says Lush shampoo bars are the absolute worst. 

Hasini Kay is a hair, pores and skin and wonder expert who specialises in hair progress. 
She boasts 258,000 followers and over six million likes on her TikTok channel, on which she shares helpful ideas and recommendation to assist your hair look its greatest. 
In a latest clip – watched by over 400,000 folks – Hasini writes: “The WORST shampoo in your hair!
“If you use the final one I’ll report you.”

The curly-haired magnificence jumps straight into her ‘worst shampoo’ listing, starting with Herbal Essences Daily Detox Clean. 
“It’s actually excessive in salt which is gonna dry your hair and fully strip it,” she explains. “This means you can say goodbye to your hair color. 
“And it’s additionally actually excessive in perfume which is so pointless.”
Next up is Tresemme 2 in 1 shampoo.
“There are some good Tresemme shampoos, however this isn’t certainly one of them,” she states. 
“Anything that’s a 2 in 1, you can simply put that down and stroll away.
“Salt and perfume are straight up there.” 
The third offender is L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay. 
“L’Oreal makes some good merchandise however this isn’t certainly one of them. Again with the salt and the kaolin is actually far down on the listing, which signifies that there’s not that a lot in the shampoo so you’re not likely getting the advantages of it.”
Up fourth is The Body Shop’s anti-dandruff Ginger shampoo. 
“If you use this shampoo, you have to be sectioned,” declares Hasini. “Again there’s a lot salt in there and an pointless quantity of perfume.”
Finally, we get to the very worst offender – and it’s shocked us all. 
“The Lush shampoo bars are the worst offenders. It is nearly solely simply SLS and never all sulfates are dangerous however this one? In this focus? Absolutely not.
“And then the remainder of it’s actually simply 90% perfume. Why do you want this a lot perfume? Whose hair smells that dangerous?
“So I’m telling you in the yr of our lord and saviour 2023, don’t do that to your hair.”
Hasini’s followers are shocked by her opinion, with one replying: “I really feel attacked with the particular Body Shop ginger shampoo and the Lush bars.”
But others fully agree with the expert. 

“Ex-Lush worker right here. The bars are 90+% SLS and have prompted extreme scalp irritation and hair loss for a great deal of individuals who use them long run,” mentioned a involved follower.
Hasini replied: “Yeah it’s a disgrace as a result of they’re good for the surroundings, however there’s so many higher shampoos on the market than the Lush ones.” 
4She additionally slates Body Shop ginger shampoo for dry and flaky scalpsCredit: tiktok/@hasinikay
4Hasini tells buyers to step away from 2 in 1 shampooCredit: tiktok/@hasinikay


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