London Avant-garde Perfume Brand, A La Lune London, Announces New Fragrances

London Avant-garde Perfume Brand, A La Lune London, Announces New Fragrances

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–An worldwide and interdisciplinary collaboration between trailblazing style elites hailing from varied industries has led to the delivery of A La Lune (, a distinct segment, avant-garde luxurious fragrance model primarily based within the metropolis of London. By gathering a few of the most splendid pure components from throughout the globe, together with some which have by no means been used earlier than in perfume manufacturing, A La Lune pushes the envelope to create new, ground-breaking olfactory experiences. As nicely as liquid and stable perfumes, A La Lune additionally expertly crafts fragrant and welcoming scented candles and reed diffusers.

To luxuriate in a crusing yacht, drifting with purposeful aimlessness atop the Tyrrhenian Sea, is exactly the expertise that A La Lune’s L’Acqua di Vita, impressed by the legendary Fountain of Youth, makes an attempt to recreate. Its summery mix of sea salt and citrus evokes the sensuality, restfulness, and revitalisation of an extended sojourn on the Amalfi Coast accompanied by the glistening ocean, the radiant solar, and the tender caress of white sand.

Inspired by the Five Tibetan Rites, Moonlight Cypress’ musky and empowering perfume is symbolic of feeling grounded and at peace. As although peering right into a snow globe, one can view a forest biome by gazing into the hypnotic flame of the lit candle, which cooperates alongside mossy wooden notes to facilitate reaching enlightenment and transcending to a better airplane.

Frankincense and myrrh function in concord in A La Lune’s Jerusalem to move these enveloped on this holy aroma to town that has over seventy completely different names. Experience a land flowing with milk and honey with components carrying reminiscence enhancing properties.

A faint kiss of frost coating the ivory petals of white roses within the peaks of the mountains of Yunnan in China. A La Lune’s Rime on Roses combines the harmless naivety of the white rose’s unpigmented crown with the daring sting of its thorns. Additionally, a light-weight trace of moss provides an surprising depth to the perfume.

Physical, bodily, and sensual experiences from everywhere in the world may be realised by way of the alchemy of scent. Fostering multiculturalism and pluralism, the very ethos of A La Lune, makes for the recreation of not solely blissful aromas, however the revered emulation of items of hidden historical past.

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