Fragrance of incense sticks turn foul due to inflation

Manufacturers cut back amount as an alternative of worth increaseAurangabad, July 28: The perfume of incense sticks (Agarbatti) has turned foul for the residents as the costs of chemical substances and different uncooked supplies used to make incense sticks have elevated. But as an alternative of elevating the costs, the producers have decreased the amount of incense sticks within the packet.Incense sticks are bought all year long. They are lit in entrance of idols and picture frames in households and in temples and retailers. The use will increase considerably in the course of the festive season. Especially from Shravan to Diwali, the residents buy giant portions of incense sticks. However, the rising inflation has prompted the producers to enhance the value of agarbattis. But as the value hike will have an effect on enterprise, some agarbatti producers have decreased the amount of agarbatti within the packet as an alternative of rising the costs. As per the merchants, a packet which was earlier weighing 150 grams, has now been decreased to 120 grams, however its worth has been stored the identical. A 100 gram of packet was decreased to 85 grams and its worth remained secure between Rs 60 and Rs 70.Why costly incenseDipping oil is used to put together incense sticks. Earlier the value of this oil was Rs 140 to Rs 150 per litre. It has elevated to Rs 200 to Rs 210 now. The wooden used for incense comes from overseas. Its worth additionally elevated. The total enhance within the worth of uncooked supplies additionally affected the value of incense sticks. As per the merchants, the incense enterprise has a day by day turnover of round Rs 10 lakh.12 per cent GST on uncooked materialsOnly 5 per cent GST is levied on incense sticks. However, GST on chemical substances used for incense sticks has been elevated to 12 per cent from earlier 5 per cent, stated Anilkumar Bhandari, Agarbatti distributor.Price of incense sticks:Gram (Weight) June July1) 15 grams Rs 5 Rs 72) 30 grams Rs 10 Rs.123) 100 grams Rs 50 Rs 604) 225 grams Rs 200 Rs 220Open in app

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