How to grow mint from cuttings – five easy steps for the ‘best flavour and fragrance’

Fresh mint is a staple summer time herb utilized in all the things from summer time salads to cocktails and dips. This aromatic leaf is thought for its vigorous progress and will be grown simply in small pots from established cuttings. Here’s the greatest methodology for rising potted mint vegetation to safe contemporary, flavoursome pickings all summer time lengthy.How to grow mint from cuttingsMint vegetation are one in all the most versatile, hardy herbs to have in the backyard, and are extremely easy to grow from cuttings.Not solely is contemporary mint exhausting to kill, however it would additionally provide an abundance of aromatic leaves in only a brief period of time.Roots will typically seem as little as one week after reducing if propagated from a wholesome, established plant.Here’s how to begin your personal younger mint plant in spring for a flush of summer time leaves.READ MORE: Top house treatments for eliminating ants – ‘they did not come again’Cut the contemporary prime progressCuttings will be taken from a wholesome mint plant at any time of the yr, however it’s simpler to do it in spring when the established plant is actively rising.Gardeners’ World stated: “Mint vegetation give the greatest flavour and perfume from new progress and are famend for their vigour.“Take cuttings in spring and you’ll have younger mint vegetation bursting with flavour, ripe for pickings to final you all summer time.”You ought to at all times take cuttings of round 8cm lengthy from the contemporary prime progress, eradicating the decrease leaves and reducing the stem just under the leaf node.Pot the cuttingFill a small or medium-sized pot with peat-free, multipurpose compost.Dig a small gap in the soil and place the rooted stem.Firm this round the stems and water nicely, topping up with compost if needed.Trim regularlyOnce your reducing has began to grow, you need to control the pot and trim prime progress commonly.This ought to be accomplished to cut back the floor space from which the plant can lose water.Transplant the cuttingThe contemporary pot ought to be saved indoors for every week after planting, throughout which period you need to be certain that the compost stays moist.After this era, the hardy herb will be moved exterior into its last rising place.According to the Royal Horticultural Society, mint will do nicely in full solar or partial shade, although you need to keep away from areas uncovered to lengthy durations of afternoon solar.Check the plantWhile mint is notoriously exhausting to kill, it could possibly be broken by fungus or mint rust.Keep a watch out for “rusty spots” on the underside of mint leaves as the plant grows.Gardeners’ World advisable destroying the plant whether it is clearly affected.

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