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86% OF CONSUMERS SAY MALODOUR AFFECTS THEIR MOOD WHILST FRAGRANCE IN THE AIR GIVES THEM EMOTIONAL, BEHAVIOURAL OR HEALTH BENEFITS, ACCORDING TO A RECENT SURVEY BY AQDOT. 29/06/2021Aqdot, the Cambridge-based chemtech firm, and innovators of the revolutionary new AqFresh™ 5-in-1 molecule seize & launch know-how have carried out a survey of 500 shoppers in UK, US, France, Italy and China revealing how fragrance launched from an air freshener has been reported by shoppers to offer many emotional benefits together with bettering their temper, sleep, creativity and for some, even romantic ambiance and their pets’ behaviour!The survey revealed that completely different malodours give rise to completely different destructive feelings. Human smells (poo, urine, vomit, farts, sweat) and rotting meals smells (fish, rotten egg, milk, cheese, cooking fats) make individuals nauseous and distracted when working from home, whilst tobacco & environmental smells (mouldy, stale, musty air) usually tend to make them really feel irritated or confused. Notably, cooking meals smells (garlic & spices) negatively have an effect on the temper of the Chinese the most.Consumers need completely different fragrances on completely different events: for instance: lavender for going to sleep as a result of it’s enjoyable; citrus fruits whilst working, exercising or cleansing as a result of it makes them really feel comfortable & invigorated; vanilla for a romantic evening in as a result of it makes them really feel beloved, cosy & cocooned; and freshly baked bread throughout mealtimes. Consumer preferences for various fragrances differ by nation. The hottest scents to have in one’s home embrace: lavender (US), espresso (Italy/China), coconut (France), and cotton recent (UK).The survey additionally revealed that 69% of shoppers are extra involved about indoor air high quality since the Covid-19 pandemic, with viruses, allergens and pollution, together with unstable natural compounds (VOCs) excessive on their checklist of issues. Aqdot’s chemistry know-how that captures odours, allergens, pollution, & viruses and prolongs fragrance launch was lately awarded a grant by Innovate UK to quickly validate and commercialise a coronavirus neutralising spray. But the know-how, with functions in private care merchandise, family cleansing, textiles and plenty of extra industries, is finest identified for its efficacy at capturing VOC’s together with malodour molecules and controlling the launch of fragrance in order that it lasts for much longer.With most shoppers preferring an air freshener with a light-weight fragrance that lasts longer, AqFresh™ know-how may be added to an air freshener to make the fragrance final for longer and bloom right into a extra intense burst when dangerous smells are launched.Hugh Rathbone, Chief Commercial Officer at Aqdot, mentioned: “Enhancing the fragrance expertise is a chance for a lot of international family and private care manufacturers and that’s the reason a lot of the main multi-national firms are testing and formulating AqFresh™ in their merchandise. We have a rising database of experiments demonstrating that merchandise from main air freshening manufacturers can double their fragrance longevity merely by means of the addition of AqFresh™”.For extra particulars on the Aqdot survey and AqFresh™ know-how, go to: https://aqdot.com/air-fresheners-that-make-you-feel-good/AQDOT CONTACT: e mail: [email protected], tel. +441223 928000Published by PRFire

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