Satin Skin No-Rinse Shave Stick

Satin Skin No-Rinse Shave Stick


Essential Ingredients’ system comprises triple-pressed stearic acid.

Water60.00Propanediol (Covation Biosciences) (Zemea propanediol) 5.00Hostapon SCI 85 C (Clariant) (Sodium cocoyl isethionate)24.35Stearic Acid (Stearic acid-triple pressed) (Essential Ingredients)4.00Genencare OSMS BA (International Flavors and Fragrance, Inc.) (Betaine)3.00Genencare OSMS Mi (International Flavors and Fragrance, Inc.) (Inositol)1.00Frescolate (Medallion) (Menthyl lactate)0.50NaOH (25% resolution)0.85Phenoxetol (Clariant) (Phenoxyethanol)0.80Himalayan Salt Concept (Arylesence) (Fragrance)0.50Procedure Combine water, Zemea and Hostapon SCI 85°C within the kettle and start to warmth to ~80°C. Add remaining elements separately, mixing till uniform after every addition. Once the complete formulation is uniform, pour into mildew whereas scorching and let cool utterly within the completed element.Properties Appearance: Solid white stick.More Information Essential Ingredients 770-831-9010

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