Making room for more Oriental and Asiatic lilies

Making room for more Oriental and Asiatic lilies
Making room for more Oriental and Asiatic lilies

It’s often about now – a couple of weeks earlier than the Midland County Fair opens – that I understand I as soon as once more forgot to plant more Oriental and Asiatic lilies within the full solar backyard that has room for 100 or so new bulbs.Today, lets deal with simply two fashionable varieties of lilies  – Lilium orientalis hybrids and Lilium asiatic hybrids.   Similar crops have “lily” of their names however should not true lilies – the daylily, for instance, is Hemerocallis whereas Tiger lily is a real lily – Lilium lancifolium.
OK, let’s depart Botany 101 and take into account why lilies are so terrific in a sunny backyard:

• Huge variety of flower colours and markings

• Perennialize; rising greater and higher annually till they attain most measurement in about 5 years

• Grow upright; not out making companion plantings straightforward

• Easily hardy over winter in Midland (and can be simply high quality in Gaylord)

• Not tasty for rabbits, deer and different critters  

• Rich, deep perfume amongst orientalis varieties

• Asiatic blooms in May-June adopted by orientalis in July-August with orientalis reaching 4 to 5 ft excessive 

So – if they’re that nice, one would possibly surprise why they  aren’t they offered at Dow Diamond, the Tridge, Farmer’s Market and so on.

I don’t know for positive however I’m guessing The Big Three—daffodils, hyacinths and tulips – crowd them out within the gardener’s thoughts.  The focus has been on these spring-flowering gems for so lengthy, I’m guessing gardeners look no additional. I discover this very true with L. orientalis. 

It could also be a bit completely different with L. asiactic which has skilled a variety of breeding to make them appropriate for container planting in spring-early summer time when bedding crops are fashionable. 

If I had to decide on between only one sort to  develop, it could be orientalis.  Its flowers are large, perfume pleasant and an awesome companion plant to different stuff rising within the backyard. And that’s the reason I’ll be planting a bunch more in September, seemingly utilizing on-line sources. 

Either sort could be planted in spring or fall; I choose fall for no motive.

Ed Hutchison writes a weekly gardening column for the Midland Daily News. He could be reached at [email protected]

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