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It isn’t any secret that our luscious mane brings us confidence or good hair day can at all times set our temper for the day however haircare consultants stress that holistic hair well being requires vitamin inside and outdoors as what we devour and what we apply are equally vital in relation to our lovely tresses. Apart from these, lowering stress, avoiding warmth styling or avoiding utilizing too many hair merchandise and taking medicines prescribed by a dermatologist too aide in lowering injury to at least one’s hair.With summer season right here, elevated UV radiation or chlorinated swimming pools could end in your hair experiencing excessive stress as summer shouldn’t be a really hair pleasant season. The elevated humidity, UV rays and intense sweating can find yourself making your hair looking frizzy and tough and in addition result in scalp build-up.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Shibani Bhatia, MBBS, MD Dermatology, DNB, FAGE, MRCP (SCE) UK from Kaya, Goregaon, suggested, “Some steps for summer hair care ought to be obligatory. To make certain the hair doesn’t grow to be lifeless in summer – moisturize it properly with some Argan oil, particularly the ends of the hair. For these with oily dandruff inclined scalp – use shampoos containing ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione and salicylic acid upto thrice every week. Leave your conditioner on for an extended time within the bathe and get your self a go away conditioner if you happen to hair is mostly frizzy. Try overlaying up your hair with a shawl or bandana if out within the solar for too lengthy. UV rays from the solar can break the protein construction of the hair. Avoid utilizing heated styling home equipment and keep hydrated so your hair doesn’t lose its lustre.”Arun Mundra, Manager- R&D at Pureplay Skin Sciences Pvt. Ltd shared, “If you’ve tried each dandruff resolution you might get your arms on and nonetheless end up dusting your shoulders—it’s time to carry out a dandruff-fighting haircare regime that helps in tackling this (flaky) concern proper on the roots. So, prepare to depart your experiments behind as we’re now spilling the tea (tree). Dandruff is a situation the place your useless pores and skin cells begin constructing and gathering on the scalp. This is especially resulting from an overproduction of sebum (oil) and a fungus referred to as Malassezia furfur, which resides on the scalp. They thrive on oily scalps and devour the surplus sebum which causes the useless pores and skin cells to get collectively and type white flakes which known as dandruff. Ultimately, these flakes fall off.”He revealed, “To deal with dandruff, we want an efficient formulation which targets the basis reason behind the problem, Malassezia furfur. This is finished with the precise mix of scientific and pure dandruff-fighting actives. Zinc Pyrithione, aka ZPT is usually utilized in anti-dandruff shampoos and its extended use can irritate the scalp. Opt for a Dandruff Control Range that has the precise mix of nature and science with the goodness of Tea Tree Oil and Piroctone Olamine. This mixture successfully removes dandruff and maintains scalp well being since it’s free from the dangerous results of ZPT. While most individuals have a routine/regime for his or her pores and skin, they don’t have the identical for his or her hair. While a standard oil-shampoo-condition regime helps in cleaning and conditioning, a way more refined strategy is required for coping with a recurring situation like dandruff. So, for anybody who’s present process a dandruff concern, they will comply with the regime – treat-cleanse-nourish-prevent.”He listed a 4-step routine that one can comply with:Step 1: Treat with a scalp scrub: scalp scrubs help in eradicating useless cells and take away the surplus oil and product build-up that blocks hair follicles.Step 2: Cleanse with an anti-dandruff shampoo that’s enriched with protected and naturally derived anti-dandruff actives like propanediol caprylate and piroctone olamine assist in tackling the fungus, Malassezia, proper on the roots. The shampoo additionally reduces itchiness and soothes the scalp.Step 3: Nourish with a dandruff-fighting conditioner that blends tea tree oil and pure actives to get rid of dandruff from hair strands and hold it nourished and hydrated. This conditioner instantly detangles and revives worn-out locks.Step 4: Prevent dandruff from reappearing with a hard-working scalp serum which is an environment friendly approach to offer focussed motion in opposition to dandruff. Scalp Serum will deal with and forestall dandruff from recurring in addition to will inhibit the expansion of dandruff inflicting Malassezia.According to Dr Kaustav Guha Director, R&D Division at SkinKraft Labs, “The hair protein breaks resulting from UV injury, resulting in quite a lot of points like cut up ends, tough texture, hair loss, frizziness, untimely greying, and many others. You can also see the colour-treated hair getting bleached, brassy and pale throughout summer. It is greatest to keep away from colouring hair into lighter tones throughout summer because it will increase UV ray penetration into the hair shaft. Hair care merchandise equivalent to sprays, serums or leave-in conditioners with SPF motion will be of fine assist in summer months. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat can even save your hair and scalp from the scorching solar once you spend longer time outside.”He added, “The chlorine added to maintain the summer swimming pools clear, dissolves the protecting lipid construction across the hair shaft. This will increase the hair’s susceptibility to UV injury. Hence, you could apply oil or leave-in conditioner to your hair or put on a swim cap earlier than coming into into chlorinated swimming pools and even sea water. Also, it’s higher to take a break from warmth styling instruments equivalent to flat irons, blow dryers or curling rods throughout summer season.”

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