How to Get More number flowers in Mogra Plant?

Mogra Flowers or Jasmine flowers not solely look very enticing, additionally they have a tendency to produce candy perfume. These flowers bloom normally all through the summer time and in addition in the course of the wet season. By merely planting one mogra plant in the home, we discover the complete residence have a tendency to scent fragrant and aromatic. To get most flowers from the Mogra plant comply with these easy steps 1. Keep Mogra below the sunshine If you may have an indoor Mogra plant, you could hold the plant outdoors for daylight, for about 5 to 6 hours, if you happen to simply hold it for 1 to 2 hours, you’ll not get sufficient flowers.2. Never hold it in plastic pots Avoid planting Mogra plant in an plastic pot, the reason being, if you hold the plant in the new solar, the pot will get heated up and the roots are harmed and the crops get dried. 3. Lot of vitamins Mogra have a tendency to devour lot of vitamins and it’s a heavy feeder. So if you plant it, you could combine 50% cow dung for vermicompost with the soil. Once a month, it’s best to add manure to your pot. Also, you could use 50% cow dung, 15% sand, 10% cocopeat and the rest backyard soil whereas making ready the soil for planting.4. Sorting Mogra is essential When the mogra bud blooms and the flower falls out, then its pod stays, now we have to prune the a part of the mogra plant department, from the 2 leaves and pod and guarantee yo don’t minimize a lot, simply the place from the place the bunch of flowers got here and now these flowers have blossomed and fallen. By doing this new branches would bloom quickly and flowers will come very properly.5. Add Epsom SaltYou want to put one teaspoon of Epsom salt in 2 litres of water after which pour it into the crops soil. It could be glorious if you happen to spray with a twig bottle. Just merely spraying it on and look ahead to it,it might work magic. You could be amazed to discover lot of mogra blooms blooming in your plant after 15 days. 6. Protect your plant from drying up One ought to take nice care not to let the soil dry out if you want to save your mogra plant. As your plant is uncovered to the sunshine all day. It is crucial that you simply water it recurrently. However, you must also guarantee that you’re not over watering the plant. All the above ideas would make it easier to to get mogra flowers in your mogra plant. That’s not all, your plant would even be wholesome.

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