To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the N°5 perfume

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the N°5 perfume, Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio, has imagined the “Collection N°5”, the first High Jewelry assortment ever to be devoted to a perfume.
From the bottle to the sillage, these hundred and twenty-three extraordinary items specific the completely different sides of the N°5 perfume.
In 1921, the first “perfume for ladies with the scent of a girl” composed by Ernest Beaux and Gabrielle Chanel made a sound of commotion. The modernity of the perfume, the purity of the bottle and the thriller of the identify, the N°5 perfume was nothing quick of a revolution.
In 1932, Mademoiselle shattered the codes of French High Jewelry together with her one and solely assortment in platinum and diamonds. These “Bijoux de Diamants” launched new methods of carrying jewellery and took jewellery into a brand new realm… that of attract.
ETERNAL N°5 transformable earrings in 18K white gold and diamonds. The earring size of one earring is adjustable: with the lengthy model worn connected behind the lobe or as a easy earstud.
In 2021, Patrice Leguéreau determined to deliver these two domains along with the “Collection N°5”.
“Gabrielle Chanel approached these two universes with the identical visionary values, specializing in audacity and the quest for excellence. I needed to rediscover that artistic gesture with this assortment, which has been conceived like a journey by means of the meanderings of the N°5 perfume’s soul, from the structure of the bottle to the olfactive explosion of the perfume.
The spotlight of this unprecedented assortment is an emblematic and distinctive necklace set with a 55.55-carat diamond.”
Only the House of CHANEL might dedicate a High Jewelry assortment to the most well-known perfume in the world.
Daring creativity, noble supplies, and an accentuated femininity along with an intimate character and a strong timelessness, the “Collection N°5” displays the principal options of the iconic perfume. Through the 100 and twenty-three versatile and architectural items of jewellery, CHANEL affords its imaginative and prescient of the distinction between the graphic design of the bottle and the sensuality of the perfume. The Creation Studio magnifies 5 of the N°5 perfume’s figuring out components by means of compositions of uncommon and distinctive gem stones.
With 100 years of fame behind it, solely a wealthy, distinctive and mysterious perfume like the N°5 perfume might encourage such an imposing assortment of High Jewelry.
ETERNAL N°5 necklace in 18K white gold and diamonds.
The stopper
The emerald lower, the rectangular form recollects the place Vendôme.
Exquisitely crafted from rock crystal or set with diamonds, onyx, pearls and yellow sapphires, the treasured octagon is at the coronary heart of the elegant and complex graphic jewellery units.
Through a skillful play on transparency, the rings adorned with rock crystal reveal beds of diamonds that underline the purest of profiles. On different gold rings, CHANEL exalts the magnificence of symbolic gem stones similar to this 5.21-carat diamond. Rendered much more female with a ribbon of diamonds, the stopper symbolizes the begin of an imaginary world of the N°5 perfume.
ETERNAL N°5 ring in 18K white gold and diamonds.
The bottle
Instantly recognizable, the geometric silhouette of the bottle might be seen by means of the traces of white diamonds, yellow diamonds and yellow sapphires cascading over sautoir necklaces, brooches and pendant earrings. Just like the N°5 Abstraction necklace whose refined gradient colors reveal an ideal pairing of yellow and white diamonds.
From these bottles with their ethereal traces, escape tears of pear-shape diamonds and pink morganite escape that movement over the pores and skin like droplets of a divine perfume.
In black and white, CHANEL reveals the physique of the N°5 perfume in onyx, floating over a supple diamond plastron. In distinction, the silhouette of the bottle is hidden behind an beautiful small clock in mother-of-pearl and onyx marquetry with a floral décor of jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang.
N°5 CASCADE necklace in white gold and diamonds. 1 pear-cut diamond 0.73 ct E VVS1.
The quantity
Driven by a robust and sensual line, the define of the quantity ‘5’ turns into one of the signatures of the assortment drawing a joyful line between the items at the stroke of pen. It sits mischievously off-center on a yellow gold and diamond choker with a drop of golden beryl. In the XL model, the 5 heightens the ardor of the Eternal N°5 necklace that may remodel right into a choker, and whose 5 may also be worn as a brooch. This spectacular design composed of a elegant cacophony of spherical, pear, navette and oval-shaped diamonds is accomplished with a 10-carat emerald-cut diamond. Mixed with yellow sapphires and in a recent style the quantity is haloed in mild of diamonds. Wrapped in diamond ribbons on necklaces and bracelets, the 5 possesses the identical voluptuousness reminiscent of the scented elixir. Like this majestic brooch the place the well-known quantity is accompanied by a flamboyant 4-carat sapphire in orange and pink dawn hues, and an amber topaz drop of greater than 30 carats.
ETERNAL N°5 necklace in 18K white gold and diamonds.
The flowers
At the coronary heart of the perfume, the jasmine, the could rose and the ylang-ylang blossom over the colourful jewellery units. Worked in quantity, the flowers retain all of their delicacy, whereas their look in the form of the star, the moon and the solar, echo the symbols in the 1932 platinum and diamond assortment. The freshness of the jasmine – which resembles a star – perfumes a cloud of diamonds. As for the could rose, CHANEL interprets it generously by means of a spherical, moon-like flower with its many petals dipped in pink sapphires. The gem stones sparkle in all their magnificence on an extended sautoir pearl necklace and a diamonds-set chain. Intricately crafted like a solar, the ylang-ylang glows at the heart of luminous necklaces with a dew-like sprinkling of diamonds. Finally, an asymmetrical bouquet of white flowers representing the jasmine, the rose and the ylang-ylang adorns the Absolu N°5 plastron set with a mess of diamonds. A 5-carat diamond highlighting the central motif may also be worn as a brooch.
N°5 ABSTRACTION earrings in yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and yellow diamonds. 1 pear-cut yellow diamond 3.01 cts FVY VVS2. 1 pear-cut diamond 2.53 cts D FL. 1 pear-cut yellow diamond 0.95 ct FVY VS2. 1 pear-cut diamond 1,00 ct D FL.
The sillage
In order to translate the olfactive revolution that’s the N°5 perfume, CHANEL has imagined items with summary motifs that shimmer and soften over the physique like perfume. The photo voltaic and amber colours of a luxurious pairing of 350-carats of imperial topazes give an incandescent, virtually baroque air to the Golden Burst necklace. In pink harmonies, CHANEL performs the female card with the Blushing Sillage jewellery set in diamonds, rubies, garnets, yellow sapphires and pink and purple spinels forming a gradation of colours resembling the golden jus of the N°5 perfume. As for the monochrome aspect, a cloud of diamonds illuminates the star-shaped composition of the Diamond Sillage necklace glistening with a 10-carat flawless stone, whereas its surrounding gems type scintillating ricochets over the neckline.
N°5 ABSTRACTIONnecklace in yellow gold, platinum, diamonds andyellow diamonds.1 pear-cut diamond 4.10 cts FVY VS1. 1 pear-cut diamond 3.31 cts D IF
Jewelry Collection N°5
To celebrate the 100th 12 months of the N°5 perfume’s fame, the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio has chosen a mixture of diamonds and white gold to hint the outlines of the quantity 5, Mademoiselle Chanel’s fortunate quantity, and of a drop of perfume.
ETERNAL N°5 pendant in 18 carat white gold, that includes a quantity 5 and a drop of perfume set with diamonds.
ETERNAL N°5 necklace in 18 carat white gold, that includes a quantity 5 and a cascade of diamonds, the final stones recalling a drop of perfume.
ETERNAL N°5 necklace in 18K white gold and diamonds.
The necklace could also be worn in both an extended or a brief model.
ETERNAL N°5 earrings in 18 carat white gold and diamonds. One earring contains a quantity 5, the different contains a drop-shaped diamond and could also be worn in a both an extended or a brief model.
ETERNAL N°5 ring in 18 carat white gold and diamonds tracing the outlines of the quantity 5.

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