Phyto-Aromatic Skincare Brand Yon Ka Paris Releases Vital Defense Multi-Protection Mist

Phyto-Aromatic Skincare Brand Yon Ka Paris Releases Vital Defense Multi-Protection Mist
Phyto-Aromatic Skincare Brand Yon Ka Paris Releases Vital Defense Multi-Protection Mist

Pollution and photo voltaic radiation within the type of UV, infrared and blue mild are the primary culprits of age acceleration of the pores and skin. Today, 99% of the inhabitants is uncovered to polluted air. 


Recent research have revealed that out of doors air pollution has elevated by 8% within the final 5 years and 80% to effective particles. The influence of air pollution on the pores and skin outcomes when air pollution results in chain reactions, which ends up in oxidative stress. This can lead to the alteration of the pores and skin barrier, lack of mobile oxygenation, irritation, destruction of the extracellular matrix and the stimulation of melanocytes. 


In addition to air pollution, the solar’s dangerous rays, relying on the wavelength, can even result in harm within the type of UV, infrared and blue mild. According to the model, customers are uncovered to a median of six hours beneath synthetic blue mild. The harm could be intensive.


This poisonous mixture of each air pollution and light-weight results in weakened pores and skin barrier, dehydration, uneven pores and skin tone, an absence of radiance, hyperpigmentation and untimely getting old within the type of wrinkles and elasticity loss. 


To fight theses aggressors, it’s essential to create a protecting bubble which might maintain pores and skin beneath a breathable protecting movie which may moreover, regenerate the cells.


Vital Defense Multi-Protection Mist developed by Yon-Ka Paris, a phyto-aromatic skincare model created by Laboratoires Multaler, is a hybrid skincare product that produces an anti-aggression defend. What’s extra, its regenerating actions occur in seconds and shield the deep and superficial pores and skin constructions. 


The mist consists of 99% pure elements to assist increase pores and skin’s self-defense techniques and offers 360-degree safety. It deposits a protecting veil on the dermis in opposition to aggressions, whereas letting the pores and skin breathe, model officers say. It additionally limits the adhesion and penetration of polluting substances and the harm brought on by invisible particles. 


Obtained by biotechnology from the fermentation of a pure sorbitol and a yeast extract, this advanced sugar is a excessive molecule weight polysaccharide. Possessing a singular matrix construction which immediately kinds a protecting movie on the pores and skin’s floor, this breathable, homogenous resistance and invisible second-skin acts as a barrier in opposition to atmospheric air pollution and limits the looks of untimely getting old and the pores and skin issues brought on by them. 

Active Ingredients

The Butterfly tree is a scrub extensively utilized in conventional Chinese drugs. Yon-Ka Laboratories have chosen it for its distinctive richness in polyphenols (it’s extremely concentrated in verbascoside and echinacoside), which give it photoprotective properties. It absorbs nearly all of rays and inhibits the extreme manufacturing of free radicals which trigger oxidative stress. It stimulates mobile cleansing mechanisms, reduces free radicals and irritation mediators. As a 360-degree photoprotector, it prevents untimely photoaging. 


Sophora Japonica is acknowledged as a robust antioxidant. This pure lively ingredient offers a twin motion; it stimulates the dermo-epidermal self-defense techniques and prompts pores and skin regeneration to assist it resist oxidative stress. 

Proven Effectiveness

The pores and skin is 2 occasions extra protected against the unconventional aggressions of air pollution and UV mild, and 9 out of 10 girls are satisfied by its effectiveness, and noticed enhanced radiance after seven days of use. 


In a scientific research, 91% mentioned pores and skin is protected by an invisible anti-aggression defend; pores and skin is best oxygenated with the complexion feeling and looking as if it have been purified. Eighty-six p.c mentioned pores and skin is strengthened to withstand air pollution, as if detoxified, and noticed smoother pores and skin, protected against accelerated getting old. 


Vital Defense Multi-Protection is non-sticky and non-comedogenic and doesn’t include sunscreen or alcohol, is a vegan formulation and dermatologist examined.

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