Why Does My Hair Feel Like Straw? 6 Main Causes + Best Fixes

Loss of moisture within the hair is the commonest purpose hair can really feel like straw. The lack of moisture can rely upon a number of components, from improper hair care to environmental points.As a hairstylist, this is among the commonest questions I obtain. So you’re not the one one who’s involved about this.Straw-like hair is extra than simply uninteresting and vulnerable to breakage. It’s additionally unattractive and hard to type. I requested Jillian Allen, hairstylist, at Bespoke Salon in Phoenix, AZ, which persons are most affected by this situation.She advised me, “Fragile and dry hair can have an effect on women and men of any age however typically happens extra typically as you age. In common, it’s essential to speak to a health care provider for those who discover sudden adjustments in your hair well being, because it may point out an inner imbalance.”Luckily, a number of methods to repair dry, brittle hair don’t require a prescription. In this text, you’ll be taught:What Causes Hair to Feel Like Straw? Straw-like hair doesn’t have a single common trigger. Dozens of things can contribute to that dry, tough feeling.Excessive warmth styling, improper wash routines, and chemical remedies are frequent culprits. Internal components like stress and lack of diet can play a task, too. (supply).Even your setting can take a toll in your hair, leaving it uninteresting and straw-like. Extreme warmth, overexposure to the solar, low humidity, and chilly winds can all have an effect on the feel of your hair.I requested Jillian about different potential causes, particularly in case your hair isn’t chemically handled.She says, “There are many causes pure hair would possibly really feel dry and brittle. Most typically, extreme use of sizzling instruments with out correct warmth safety causes hair to grow to be dry and broken.However, dry and brittle hair will also be a symptom of a thyroid downside. Your hormones regulate the speed at which your cells work – together with your hair follicles. When there’s an imbalance, your hair can grow to be finer and extra fragile.New drugs, steroids, or anesthesia may trigger adjustments in your hair texture.”Science and hairdressers agree that fairly a variety of things may cause straw-like hair.Why Does My Hair Feel Like Straw? Straw-like hair is often an indication of dehydrated hair. Here are a number of the most vital components that contribute to your hair feeling dry, tough, and brittle:1. You Use Excessive Heat to FashionOveruse of warmth styling instruments like hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers is a major reason behind straw-like hair.Excessive warmth can strip the hair of its pure moisture, resulting in dry, brittle hair over time. It may trigger cut up ends, making a straw-like texture to hair (supply).When utilizing warmth to type hair, at all times use a heat-protective styling spray or gel to maintain breakage at bay. Also, flip the warmth down a notch so it gained’t burn off your hair’s oils and proteins.2. Your Home Has Hard WaterBelieve it or not, your house’s water high quality can considerably have an effect on your hair’s texture. Hard water leaves your hair fragile and straw-like. Soft water helps your hair appear and feel softer, shinier, and more healthy.If your hair seems like straw, it doesn’t matter what adjustments you make, it’s value checking your house’s water high quality.The minerals in arduous water may cause hair to grow to be dry, frizzy, and troublesome to handle. Calcium build-up can kind across the base of hair follicles. This causes your hair strands to interrupt, which may hinder the pure development of recent hair (supply).Washing your hair in tender water retains it tender, shiny, and manageable. It doesn’t go away mineral build-up or dangerous residues that’ll dry out the hair or trigger an itchy scalp.Soft water additionally lathers quicker and simpler throughout hair washing. You don’t have to make use of as a lot product as you do with arduous water.  This, in flip, limits the quantity of dandruff produced by your scalp.3. You Spend a Lot of Time Swimming Outdoors or in Swimming poolsIf you spend plenty of time swimming open air or in swimming pools, the chlorine within the water can dry your hair out. Chlorine can strip off the pure oils out of your hair, inflicting it to seem brittle and straw-like. It additionally weakens your hair, leading to cut up ends (supply).Keep your head above water whereas swimming to stop chlorine from damaging your hair. You may use a swimming cap to guard your hair from the chlorine’s damaging results.Once you’ve completed swimming, rinse your hair instantly. You’ll additionally want to scrub it with a specifically formulated swimmers’ shampoo and deep conditioner.My private favourite is the Swimmers Wellness Collection by Malibu. This equipment features a shampoo for eradicating chlorine, a deep conditioner, and an intensive therapy for heavy chlorine build-up. Best of all, this model is kid-safe, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free.4. You Get Regular Chemical RemediesChemical hair remedies considerably alter your pure stability of hair oils. Services like rebonding, perming, Keratin, bleaching and dying can all result in dry, brittle hair.These chemical purposes can dissolve the protecting cuticle layer on every strand of your hair. This may result in follicle injury and, in extreme instances, scalp points or hair loss.Pay particular consideration to your locks after any chemical therapy. Without this further care, you’ll be caught battling straw-like hair day by day.5. Your Nutritional Intake is Off-StabilityIf you’re not getting sufficient vitamins out of your meals, you would possibly see the consequences in your hair.Essential fatty acids, nutritional vitamins, and protein play an important position within the well being of your hair. Nutritional deficiencies can result in dry, brittle hair and hair loss.Here are a number of the finest meals that promote wholesome hair development (supply): Fatty fish (omega-3 fatty acids) Eggs (protein) Spinach (vitamin A) Berries (vitamin C) Avocados (vitamin E) Sweet potatoes (vitamin A) Nuts (nutritional vitamins E and B, zinc, and important fatty acids) Oysters (zinc) Beans (zinc, iron, and biotin)6. You Brush or Comb AggressivelyAggressive brushing can injury your tresses. Over time, you’ll take care of uneven oil distribution, breakage, and cut up ends. Being too tough may even trigger mechanical stress in your hair, which will increase the quantity of hair shed in a day.If your hair routine asks for 100 brush strokes day by day, you would possibly need to rethink that technique.Brushing your hair that a lot can weaken your locks by including friction, in the end leading to hair loss.Don’t overbrush! Put down the comb as quickly as your hair feels tender and tangle-free.When combing or brushing your hair, begin on the ends. Don’t drive the comb by your hair for those who’re met with tangles. Instead, use your fingers to loosen any knots gently. You may add a hair detangler or leave-in conditioner to provide it extra slip earlier than continuing.Once the tangles are faraway from the ends of your hair, transfer up just a few inches and brush down once more. Don’t rush—be mild together with your hair! Repeat till you get to your scalp and have utterly detangled your hair.How to Fix Dry, Straw-Like Hair Now that you understand the doubtless reason behind your dry hair, you possibly can take steps to repair it. I requested Jillian for her high suggestions. She stated, “There are some things you possibly can attempt at residence earlier than searching for recommendation from a doctor.Firstly, use knowledgeable strengthening shampoo and conditioner, similar to Olaplex or The Kure by Amika, and keep away from washing your hair too typically.Secondly, incorporate a therapy as soon as per week, similar to K18. Next, reduce your use of sizzling instruments as a lot as attainable, and make sure you use a warmth protectant if you might want to use any sizzling instruments.If you incorporate all of the following pointers and your hair has not improved after two months, which will sign the issue is hormonal.”Give Your Hair Some TLCYour hair wants as a lot care as some other physique half. Giving it a little bit of TLC can considerably enhance the looks of your hair.Taking care of your hair is greater than cleaning, conditioning, and styling. It additionally contains different care practices similar to being mild everytime you brush/comb, always washing your hair after swimming, and making certain you have got a balanced vitamin consumption.To repair straw-like hair, comply with these TLC hair suggestions: Don’t over-wash your hair, as doing so can strip it out of its pure oils. For dry hair, washing 1 to 2 occasions per week is greater than sufficient. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to assist your scalp with moisture retention. Sulfates strip away an excessive amount of moisture from the hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and broken. They may make the scalp flaky and irritated (supply). Eat a nutritious diet. Consume meals that help wholesome hair development– notably these with vitamin D, B12, biotin, iron, and zinc. Don’t brush or type your hair whereas moist, making it extra inclined to breakage. It may result in frizz when your hair dries. Wait till your hair is generally or not less than partially dry earlier than brushing. Regularly deep situation so as to add softness, shine, and moisture to your hair. If your hair is severely broken or dry, deep situation as soon as per week. Otherwise, deep conditioning two to a few occasions a month is enough. Trim your cut up ends as they make your hair look skinny and frail. Sleep on a silk pillowcase to scale back tangles and frizz. Wrap your hair in satin and silk wraps when going to mattress. Satin and silk assist forestall frizz, pointless breakage, and lack of moisture. Use a microfiber towel when drying hair. If attainable, wrap your hair within the microfiber towel for 10 to fifteen minutes as an alternative of aggressively rubbing the dampness out of your hair. If you’re planning to be within the solar for some time, use a UV-protectant spray or a hat to guard your hair from UV injury. Brush from the ends as much as forestall tangles and injury.Take Preventative MotionPreventative motion should be taken to scale back the looks of straw-like hair.Always use a delicate and nourishing shampoo to remove the filth and dirt your hair has amassed over the day. Then, apply a high-quality leave-in to guard, restore shine, and improve your hair’s pure magnificence.I like to recommend It’s a ten Haircare Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin. Not solely does it strengthen and detangle hair – it additionally helps cut back frizz, infuses your locks with moisture, and replaces misplaced protein.Speaking of misplaced protein, don’t overuse heat-styling instruments. Limit your blow dry, flat iron, and curling iron utilization to a few times per week for those who can, and reserve heat-styling for particular events.Use heat-protective merchandise like Oribe Balm D’Or Heat Styling Shield to guard your hair from thermal injury. In addition to providing warmth safety, this product helps restore energy to your hair whereas combating frizz and flyaways.Consult With Your PhysicianIf you’ve tried all of the care suggestions above and noticed no outcomes, it is perhaps finest to seek the advice of your physician. Health-related components, like alopecia, hirsutism, anorexia nervosa, autoimmune thyroid illnesses, and the like, would possibly trigger the straw-like nature of your hair.A medical skilled can discover the reason for your dry, brittle hair. They’ll additionally give you the right medicine to fight the problem.Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I maintain my hair tender after showering?To improve the softness of your hair after showering, attempt including a good-quality leave-in conditioner. It’s A ten Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin is my all-time fave– it’s jam-packed with the vitamins and moisture your hair wants, however it gained’t weigh you down or make your hair look greasy.Are you not wanting so as to add a brand new product to your routine? Dry your hair utilizing a microfiber towel and let air dry to enhance softness.Why is my hair immediately like straw?A drastic change in your way of life typically causes the sudden onset of straw-like hair.Moving to or visiting a brand new space, altering your food plan, and beginning or stopping medicine are all doubtless culprits.What meals assist dry, brittle hair?To fight dry, brittle hair, eat meals which can be wealthy in: B-Vitamins (B6 and B12) Iron Biotin Zinc Vitamins A, C, and D3, Omega 3s ProteinSuch meals embrace leafy greens, citrus fruits, fish, eggs, nuts, and lean meats.Why does my hair really feel like straw after bleaching?Bleach strips away your hair’s pure oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and straw-like. It’s a harsh invader that breaks your hair protein to take away colour. This leads to lighter and weaker strands vulnerable to dryness, frizz, and injury.Why does dry shampoo make my hair really feel like straw?Dry shampoo can go away a skinny, filmy residue in your hair, making it appear and feel like straw. Using an excessive amount of may trigger hair to look uninteresting, discolored, and dry.Why does my hair really feel like straw throughout being pregnant?It’s not unusual for hair to really feel like straw throughout being pregnant. (*6*) hormones can alter the feel of your hair, leaving it dry, coarse, and brittle. Luckily, these adjustments aren’t everlasting. Hair often goes again to its regular state as soon as your being pregnant ends.Are you experiencing brittle hair throughout your being pregnant? Try utilizing a deep conditioner each time you wash your hair. This will fight dryness, plus add protein, omega-3s, and different vitamins. Together, these can enhance your hair’s energy and look.


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