I’m a skincare pro and I tape my face every night before bed – it works and I’m wrinkle free

I’m a skincare pro and I tape my face every night before bed – it works and I’m wrinkle free

THERE’S numerous lotions, gels and lotions promising to maintain our pores and skin trying smooth, clean and glowy. 
But one skincare pro thinks she’s labored out the best way to actually maintain her pores and skin wrinkle-free – by taping it in place whereas she sleeps. 
2Taylor tapes her face every night to keep away from compression marks forming round her mouth
2She revealed what her face appears like as soon as she removes the medical tape – and her followers cherished the consequence
Taylor, identified on-line as @taylorraefalconer, usually shares magnificence ideas along with her 136,000 TikTok followers. 
In a new video, she shares why she does it – and reveals the outcomes of taping her face every night.
“The cause why I have this tape on my face, I’m going to indicate you now. 
“I tape my face every night. 

“This isn’t confirmed info. This is simply me occurring what I’ve seen on TikTok, and folks’s outcomes that they’re getting. 
“Along with the truth that I did a little bit of analysis about taping, and folks appear to be loving it.
“And I really do love it. I do really feel like it works for me, however it won’t work for everyone. 
“So I’m not saying that is factual, I know folks say, ‘oh my goodness, tape can’t assist your face.’ 

“But I simply do it as a result of you understand what? It’s low cost to do, and something is price a attempt today. 
“So cause being why I tape my face is as a result of at night once you’re sleeping, once you’re laying in your pillow, these compression marks occur in your face. 
“So if I’m laying like this right here, and my cheek is pushed, I usually get two strains on my nasal folds right here, so when I get up I will see two fairly heavy strains within the morning, very first thing. 
“Normally now, when I put the candy little bit of tape on, the tape stops the compression so there’s nowhere for – particularly as a result of I’ve acquired lip filler too, that is fairly stiff round this space and you do get them compression strains. 
“So now the tape’s there, it nearly acts like a wee barrier and stops the pores and skin from creasing. 
“The tape is a medical tape, it’s low cost to purchase, it’s on eBay for like I assume £3 or one thing. 
“It’s comfy, it’s breathable. 
“I nonetheless put my skincare on before I go to bed, making an attempt to keep away from simply these two areas so that they’re not too oily for the tape to stay down. 
“But we’re going to peel it off now and allow you to see my outcomes.” 
Taylor then removes the tape from her face, exhibiting how her face appears afterwards.
“That there simply stops any little bit of creasing that I have on my face. 
“And I need to say, for me you understand, I’m not saying that is factual so don’t quote me on this, however I assume it’s a nice wee trick to do.”
The skincare hack attracted loads of consideration on-line, with the video gaining greater than 3,200 likes and 126,000 views. 
In the feedback, Taylor’s followers shared their ideas on her concept, with one writing: “Oh I’m gonna do that I’ve been noticing some creasing after my lip filler.”

Another mentioned: “Seen somebody on tick tock doing this a few months in the past and been doing it and it acc works.”
A 3rd added: “Oh my god I’m gonna do that.”


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