If You Have Coarse Hair, This Is The Order You Should Apply Your Hair Products In

If You Have Coarse Hair, This Is The Order You Should Apply Your Hair Products In

Turns out the way you layer your lotions, oils, and liquids could make a considerable distinction in your coarse strands. Professional stylist Ashley Jackson tells Hair she recommends the L.C.O. order. After shampooing and conditioning, you apply your liquids or leave-in conditioner, then lotions, earlier than ending with oil. This order helps to open your hair’s cuticles, soak in moisture, and lock it in.

There has been debate on whether or not oils ought to come earlier than or after making use of lotions. However, Jackson helps ending with oil as, “by making use of on dry hair, oil is ready to actually work into the hair, not simply sit on high and block out product as it would within the L.O.C. (liquid, oil, after which cream) methodology.”
Product high quality can also be extraordinarily essential on the subject of coarse hair. “This hair kind requires a heavy product utility, so that you wish to be sure to’re actually utilizing the correct merchandise — ones that nourish, deal with, soak, and douse strands,” licensed hair stylist Samantha Denis tells Hello Glow. Denis recommends changing common conditioner with a hair masks as soon as per week. She suggests it is going to cleanse strands of heavy merchandise that “will block moisture from penetrating the hair shaft and finally result in dry hair.” With hair masks and oils added to our haircare buying record, there are some things to search for when choosing one of the best merchandise.


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