Add mugwort to your skin care routine

Add mugwort to your skin care routine

Annyeonghaseyo (‘hi there’ in Korean ) all Okay-Beauty addicts, we have now some excellent news for you. If you’re already a rice water fan, or have hopped on the glass skin pattern, or are shopping for all snail mucin merchandise, you then already know with Korean skin care merchandise. And we’re right here to introduce you to one other star ingredient which may take over the world this yr. Mugwort is the most recent Okay-Beauty element that you simply want to get your palms on straight away.
This herb is taking on the ingredient lists in lots of Korean skin care manufacturers already. It was probably the most favoured ingredient to be utilized in 2019, and it’s nonetheless extremely popular with so many new manufacturers popping up with a brand new line of Mugwort merchandise. The herb has a connection to Artemis, the Greek goddess of childbirth, however is extensively being utilized in Korean skin care. Scroll down to discover out the intriguing origins of this herb and why mugwort is an incredible ingredient that you must introduce to your skin care routine. 

What is Mugwort & how is it helpful for the skin?
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Mugwort is a weed belonging to the daisy household. In Korea, this ingredient is considered a restorative herb for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and skin-protective capabilities. Also generally known as artemisia, this herb has been historically utilized in Korean treatment and cooking. The therapeutic, pacifying, and assuaging advantages of this magic herb make it a star ingredient in skin care merchandise. Mugwort is filled with antioxidants and vitamin E which assist in shielding the skin barrier as nicely. 
The historical past of Mugwort
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Known as ssuk (쑥), it’s believed that mugwort was chargeable for the creation of the primary Korean dynasty. Jenelle Kim, a herbalist advised Allure that the invention of this herb helped within the development of Korean tradition. Korean mythology states {that a} bear and a tiger wished to develop into human. To obtain this, Hwanung (the son of the Lord of Heaven) put them to the take a look at. He despatched the bear and the tiger right into a cave with some mugwort and garlic. The process was to survive for 100 days utilizing these substances, While the bear gave up in 21 days, the tiger succeeded and was became a lady named Hwanung. She gave start to Dangun, who based the primary Korean Dynasty, Gojoseon.
How does the herb assist in skin care?
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Artemisia is a one-of-a-kind root-based perennial plant that has typically been mentioned to have the identical results as Vitamin C on the skin. Both of the substances are filled with antioxidants. Many dermatologists examine it to tea tree as nicely. The two substances have an analogous capacity to naturally kills micro organism and fights breakouts. The herb has many advantages to present. 

Artemisia for delicate skin and acne-prone skin
Okay-Beauty merchandise use mugwort to design merchandise that assist soothe and deal with delicate skin. This ingredient works wonders on acne-prone skin, particularly pink bumps and cysts.
The magic herb works wonders for dry, irritated skin
The soothing, anti-inflammatory properties assist work on dry, irritated skin successfully as nicely. Research has even recommended that mugwort can be very appropriate for treating skin circumstances like eczema (or atopic dermatitis) and psoriasis. It additionally works successfully on relieving the redness of the skin and decreasing irritation. 
It helps treatment fantastic traces
Its protecting powers are so potent that it helps forestall injury attributable to ultraviolet rays and acts as an incredible collagen stimulator. The ingredient restricts the formation of fantastic traces as nicely. 
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