The Skincare Fad That Does More Harm Than Good, According To An Expert

When talking in regards to the face-taping pattern to Glam, Dr. Kunin says that “It does not work, may cause irritation or allergic response, and it’s dangerous for the setting to waste tape!” Face taping is nothing new, as drag performers and celebrities have been doing this to quickly cover wrinkles for many years. Yet, it has by no means been a good suggestion. 

Whereas it might forestall folks from seeing wrinkles for a brief period of time and may forestall your face from shifting, it has no confirmed impact on stopping new wrinkles from forming. Traditional clear tape was not made to be utilized to the face, because it comprises adhesives that may trigger irritation if left on too lengthy or contact dermatitis if allergic. Not to say, tape is detrimental to the setting. Think about the entire plastic tape that can be used for a couple of hours after which thrown within the trash.

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