I go from a solid 6 to a 10.5 when I do my hair & makeup – and put on a bikini

I go from a solid 6 to a 10.5 when I do my hair & makeup – and put on a bikini

ONE WOMAN has joined in on a TikTok pattern during which folks declare their attractiveness considerably will increase when they remodel – and her glow-up contains a bikini.
Taking to the social media app, Vicki Voss shared that her magnificence is off the charts when she will get all dolled up.
3A girl has shared that she turns into extra engaging when she places on makeup and does her hairCredit: TikTok/iamvickivoss
3Some social media customers agreeCredit: TikTok/iamvickivoss
“Went from a solid six to a 10.5,” Voss wrote in a TikTok video, referring to her transformation.
In her recording, Voss hid her hair in a bonnet and was fully naked-confronted.
She then lower to one other clip during which she had on a full face of pure-wanting makeup, along with her hair and edges fully laid, and curls outlined.
Voss additionally sported a lavender bikini prime which fully complemented her tan pores and skin.
A viewer within the feedback part of Voss’s video believed she seemed lovely each methods – pure and enhanced.
They wrote: “Both fairly af with out and with makeup!”
Previously, a cosplayer shared that individuals say she goes from a 5 to a 10 when in costume.
In a TikTok video, cosplayer (*6*) stood in an outsized, black Nike crewneck sweater.

“People say I go from a 5 to a 10 in cosplay,” she wrote.
In the subsequent clip, she appeared on display in several getup.
She had on a Woody costume – she portrayed the Toy Story character in a yellow plaid shirt with cow print on the shoulders, a trace of cleavage displaying.
Black underwear with a brown belt round her waist accomplished Bianca’s cowboy look.
3Voss sported a lavender bikini prime which complemented her tan skinCredit: TikTok/iamvickivoss


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