I go from a 2 to a 10 when I put on makeup – people say I’m unrecognizable

I go from a 2 to a 10 when I put on makeup – people say I’m unrecognizable

A WOMAN shared a video of herself preparing to go out, and people had been blown away by her transformation.
(*2*), who goes by the TikTok deal with @isatryonemotime, posted a video of her preparing for a job interview, and her makeup look made her seem way more upscale. 
6(*2*) filmed a magnificence transformation video for an interviewCredit: TikTok / isatryonemoretime
6She had a naked face earlier than doing her upscale makeup lookCredit: TikTok / isatryonemoretime
“Going from a 2 to 10 in 60 seconds for an interview,” (*2*) wrote overtop her TikTok video.
“So my greatest buddy’s been attempting to get me to work along with her at a advantageous eating restaurant for months,” she stated, including: “I have my interview right now so let’s rework actual fast.”
Before her transformation, (*2*) had a messy bun and thick black eyeliner on. She additionally had a number of ear piercings, a nostril piercing, and an arm tattoo exhibiting.
First, she eliminated her nostril ring earlier than taking off her “hippie bracelets,” which had thick colourful beads.

“Okay, crusty makeup off,” (*2*) stated. She didn’t have makeup wipes so she begrudgingly eliminated her eyeliner with a moist washcloth as an alternative.
“(*10*) transformation is … lowkey CRAZY,” she wrote on prime of the video.
With a naked face, (*2*) unashamedly confirmed off her zits and pimples, saying: “No cap, a recent face feels so good.”
She took her bun down to reveal her messy hair. (*2*) showered and freshly blew out her hair subsequent.

“Here’s the ‘earlier than’ of my face,” she stated, exhibiting her naked face, earlier than transitioning the video to her post-makeup look.
(*2*) stood exterior throughout golden hour, with the brilliant solar making her pores and skin glow.
She had basis on that fully smoothed out her pores and skin and complexion, and added terracotta-coloured eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick.
6(*2*) confirmed off her acneCredit: TikTok / isatryonemoretime
6She additionally confirmed that her hair was messy and frizzy at firstCredit: TikTok / isatryonemoretime
Looking glamorous in a easy all-black outfit, which lined her tattoo, (*2*) stated: “(*10*) is for 5-star eating, that’s why I look so good.”
“Literally went from a 2-10 okay then,” she additionally added within the caption.
“Oh my gosh you’re like two totally different people,” somebody commented, amazed by (*2*)’s unrecognizable transformation.

Others had been very complimentary, saying: “U went from a 10 to 10000 woman!!” and: “I assume you look simply nearly as good earlier than.”
(*2*) additionally revealed within the feedback part that her interview was profitable, and he or she received the job.
6(*2*) added orange eyeshadow, blush, and lipstickCredit: TikTok / isatryonemoretime
6Her pores and skin appeared flawless and her hair was blown outCredit: TikTok / isatryonemoretime


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