This ‘rolling hairbrush’ helps detangle extremely frizzy hair while also evenly applying haircare products

This ‘rolling hairbrush’ helps detangle extremely frizzy hair while also evenly applying haircare products

Designed primarily for afro-textured hair (which will be notoriously troublesome to work with), the Nyfasi is a novel detangling hairbrush that separates curls while also uniformly applying lotions/shampoos/conditioners. It comes with a 3-part design, together with a wide-toothed comb, a textured curler, and a lid. Built with a hole design, the Nyfasi opens as much as allow you to pour shampoo, conditioner, or mousse into it. Once closed, use it as you’d use a standard comb and the curler helps uniformly distribute the contents inside the comb while gently detangling excessive frizz.
Designer: Dominik Bini

“There are few haircare products designed for the actual necessities of the Black and Afro Hair group, which has largely been ignored by the main magnificence manufacturers”, says designer Dominik Bini. Built with a patented mechanism to do two essential issues concurrently, Nyfasi helps detangle frizzy hair while also applying haircare products evenly onto the frizzy locks. This might be any kind of creamy or gel-based product, be it shampoo, conditioner, mousse, and many others. “The product has been extensively designed and examined by the customers themselves to rejoice and help pure, wholesome Black and Afro hair”, Bini mentions.

Uniquely designed for extremely textured hair, the Nyfasi comb makes applying lotions onto your hair simpler. Current strategies contain taking ‘coin-sized quantities’ of products in your fingers after which applying them manually. With Nyfasi’s patent-pending launch mechanism, the comb does it with easy strokes, while also separating the hair into particular person locks to make them look higher. The Nyfasi can be utilized while bathing and even earlier than/after, and its internal chamber can be utilized to carry and apply shampoos, conditioners, or all kinds of haircare products. The products must have a thick lotion-like consistency, and the Nyfasi doesn’t work with skinny hair oils. Studies present that the “software of conditioner [using the Nyfasi] on the level of detangling has been proven to chop lotion use by as a lot as 70%.”
The Nyfasi is a winner of the iF Design Award for the 12 months 2022.

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