I’m 40 but people say I look better than I did in my 20s – my anti-aging secrets have nothing to do with skincare

I’m 40 but people say I look better than I did in my 20s – my anti-aging secrets have nothing to do with skincare

AGING has been a worry of many, inflicting these of a sure age to search costly anti-growing old skincare remedies.
One lady proved that growing old backward is feasible and her technique doesn’t require skincare.
7Jeanette Nunez shared a photograph of herself in her 20sCredit: TikTok/jeanettefitness
7She turned her again on critics and naysayersCredit: TikTok/jeanettefitness
Jeanette Nunez is a spouse, mom, and athlete.
She boasts over 42k loyal followers on TikTok alone, sharing way of life suggestions and private tales.
She took to TikTok to share her phenomenal glow-up from her 20s to her 40s.
“Enjoy your 20s trigger it is all downhill from there,” she wrote in a textual content overlay on an image of herself on the zoo in her 20s.

“Me at 40,” she wrote over a montage of her 20 years later.
She shocked in midriff-bearing outfits, plunging necklines, and pores and skin-tight backless clothes.
“Aging gracefully over right here sweetie,” she wrote in the caption.
Nunez impressed viewers with her backward growing old, who expressed themselves in the remark part.

“Youthful!!!! I wanna look this good at 40,” one wrote. “Any suggestions?”
“Drink loads of water, exercise as a lot as you’ll be able to & don’t let nobody stress you out!” Nunez replied.
7She shared a sultry selfieCredit: TikTok/jeanettefitness
7She appeared flawless in a white mini-gown with a plunging necklineCredit: TikTok/jeanettefitness
“You look better than you did in your twenties,” one other supporter wrote.
“I agree,” Nunez responded.
She additionally offered mindset recommendation for these looking for the fountain of youth.

“Okay miss..inform us what you did,” a commenter requested. “Like how did you proceed to be an unbothered lovely queen?”
“Love your self first,” Nunez suggested. “Everything else will fall into place.”
7She shocked viewers with her transformationCredit: TikTok/jeanettefitness
7She donned somewhat black dressCredit: TikTok/jeanettefitness
7Her physique appeared to age backwardCredit: TikTok/jeanettefitness

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