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In, out, deep, sluggish, calm, quiet…inhale, exhale. Breathing meditation has been the mantra of my life of late. Whenever anger or nervousness floor, I retreat to my breathing space. It could possibly be sitting on my favorite cushion or nook or the terrace or our small backyard. I sit calmly and take a deep breath, maintain for a second and launch it slowly. After a pair of instances, I’m at peace. Whenever I sit within the prayer room or breathing space, optimistic vibes calm me down. They don’t make me take my ache inside fairly they drive it away magically. The divine power heals. Accepting a difficult state of affairs turns into simpler. I’m typically reminded of John Milton’s verse, On His Blindness: “They additionally serve who stand and wait.” The phrases floor me as I write, rewrite, recite and internalise them in my thoughts’s diary. I consider each home has a breathing space. Even inhaling the perfume of flowers can uplift drooping spirits. Colourful flowers change into messengers of God, swaying their heads within the breeze, providing elation and ease. Our enjoyment of a space is dependent upon the power generated inside us. A room with one of the best inside design might prove to be chilly and unfriendly, whereas one with easy furnishings and open space might soothe a drained thoughts. It all is dependent upon us on how we wish to embellish our breathing space. We might have flowers or fish in an aquarium, vibrant pebbles in a jar or pictures of our pricey ones or simply preserve it easy and serene. Whatever comforts us turns into our breathing place. The sound of bells or the blowing of the conch early within the morning fills the home with power and assurance. The breathing space ought to be revered by everybody at home. Shouting or preventing unnecessarily ought to be prevented. It is a sacred place that restores our sanity and retains us poised. It offers us a break from our gruelling schedule, prepares us to face the world with positivity and fortitude. Sitting right here, we are able to analyse our troubled ideas, their genesis and higher perceive how to settle our jumbled ideas and tame the thoughts. If we want, we are able to preserve a picture or idol of the deity we revere for each time we bow earlier than it, we really feel the presence of God who governs the world and takes care of all creation. If we really feel related to God, we really feel entire. Many a dilemma is resolved and peace prevails. Just like after we go to a spiritual place, we go together with religion that that is the home of the Supreme Power. So, why not have such a religious space at home, too? My pal Sunita says praying is like appreciating each creation of God. It routinely brings a smile on the face and infuses piety in our spirit. Praying or breathing meditation is a method to pay respect to the world round us, our custom, our ancestors, our legacy and the pure world. [email protected] The author is an affiliate professor in English at MLN College, Yamunanagar


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