Virgin Media star Muireann O’Connell teases Alan Hughes and Tommy Bowe over their hair care secrets on Ireland AM

Virgin Media star Muireann O’Connell teases Alan Hughes and Tommy Bowe over their hair care secrets on Ireland AM

VIRGIN Media star Muireann O’Connell teased co-star Alan Hughes and Tommy Bowe over their hair care secrets on Ireland AM.
This morning on the chat present the three presenters spoke about some haircare ideas after they shared a few of their fails in the case of their dos.
4Muireann teased Alan and Tommy on Ireland AMCredit: Instagram
4Muireann spoke about seeing Alan in a salon with three hairdressersCredit: Instagram
4Tommy had bleach blonde hair when he was youngerCredit: Instagram
Ireland AM shared a clip from the present on their Instagram web page.
In the clip, Muireann mentioned: “Cause I do know I work with some pretty individuals right here on Ireland AM and I’d say a penchant for the hair dye is one thing that’s loved. Can we see an image right here?”
Next, they shared an previous image of Tommy when he was youthful taking part in soccer.
In the snap, Tommy had bleach blonde hair and he was in a rugby jersey.

Muireann then mentioned: “Look at that. Our very personal Liam Gallagher.”
Later on within the clip, Muireann shared a hilarious story about Alan when she noticed him in a hair salon one time.
The presenter mentioned: “This is years in the past I walked right into a hair salon and there was this actually well-known man there his identify is Alan Hughes and there was not one, not two however three individuals doing his hair.
“They’re doing his tiny hair I’ve by no means laughed a lot.”

Alan then chimed in saying: “There was not.”
While Muireann replied: “I swear to god. You have been sitting there every of them dying particular person items of hair.”
Ireland AM captioned the video saying: ”
This comes after Alan not too long ago was left red-faced this morning as chef Joe made a grimy innuendo.
Alan was with co-host Tommy Bowe as they watched chef Joe Shannon work his magic to make a prawn and beef burger.
However, when it got here time to eat the tasty-looking sandwich, Joe could not assist however make an innuendo.
Alan mentioned: “Oh my God that appears scrumptious.”
Joe mentioned: “Get your mouth round that Alan and really feel the juices. Get your mouth round that.”
Alan shook his head and mentioned: “Joe.” But he and Tommy burst into matches of giggles.
Joe critically requested after that they had tasted the burger: “Oh straight in. How is that? That must be filled with flavour.”
Alan mentioned: “The chorizo is beautiful in it.”
Joe mentioned: “Do you get a bit little bit of a kick of it? There’s a bit little bit of spice off it which is gorgeous.

“The fantastic thing about that’s when you’re cooking it, all that flavour and that paprika goes by way of your meat.
“It provides that further little bit of flavour.”
4Muireann, Tommy and Alan had enjoyable on Ireland AM this morningCredit: Instagram

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