I’m a makeup whizz and you’ve been cleaning your makeup sponge all wrong – the correct way doesn’t use any soap

A MAKEUP whizz has revealed that you simply’re cleaning your makeup sponges all wrong.
Cleaning a makeup sponge is not any straightforward activity and everybody has their very own way of doing it.
2The makeup whizz revealed you should not be utilizing soap on your magnificence blenderCredit: Tiktok.
But due to how dense they’re you by no means know in case you’re actually doing a good job.
Luckily, a makeup whizz has shared a video on TikTok instructing you what to do to get it cleaned up correctly – and what it’s best to keep away from.
First up, she reveals it’s best to keep away from operating it beneath water to attempt and get it clear.
Especially with any sort of hand soap because it is not going to penetrate the sponge deeply sufficient to scrub it.

Instead of operating water over your sponge, fill a bowl with boiling water and add washing up liquid and olive oil.
Then you may let your sponge soak in the bowl to eliminate any makeup and micro organism.
The olive oil will loosen the makeup whereas the washing up liquid provides it a thorough clear.
The submit appeared to assemble a massive response from magnificence lovers, with some agreeing it was the finest technique and many revealed their very own methods of cleaning them.

One wrote: “Hot water and washing up liquid DOES work! My sponges are squeaky clear each time!”
Another added: “I put mine in a sock then chuck in the washer.”
A 3rd commented: “Or simply take dishwashing powder and dishwashing soap with water and the sponges and let sit for an hour and they will be good as new.”
Meanwhile, a fourth individual mentioned: “Pro tip: I use a bar of soap and it will get it clear each single time.”
2Soaking your blender in olive oil and washing up liquid will go away it good as newCredit: Tiktok.


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