How does slugging help in haircare?

The skincare development of slugging has not too long ago made its approach into the realm of hair care, spawning a brand-new development known as hair slugging that guarantees smooth, moisturised, and glossy hair. Although the time period could also be completely different from “hair Champi,” the concept is de facto comparable. It has lengthy been a convention in Indian properties, referred to as Champi, to go away your hair oiled in a single day in a braid or a ponytail wrapped in a sock, hat, or muslin material. For dry or broken hair, the tight wrap’s elevated warmth helps the product penetrate the dermis and cuticle of the scalp. Hair slugging can help make your strands much less frizzy, extra immune to breakage, and total shinier as a result of dry hair is extra liable to frizz, breakage, and dullness.
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Who can do Hair Slugging?
All hair varieties, lengths, and textures profit from this hair remedy of slugging, however you’ll want to switch product choice and software frequency in accordance with every of those concerns. Finer hair textures ought to slug occasionally and seek for a lighter oil, while medium to thicker textures can slug extra often with thicker oils. Also, when you’ve got regular hair, use a traditional oil that’s neither too heavy nor too gentle. You can even braid your hair, then gently wrap a material or a bonnet round it to guard it from hurt. The subsequent day, rinse the oil off. Using a heavy leave-in serum and rubbing it in your lengths will likely be helpful when you’ve got oily hair as a result of doing so won’t be the best concept. Put them in a silk towel, a hat, or a sock to maintain them heat at evening. The subsequent morning, fully rinse the oil off. Slugging could be a implausible choice for dry hair, and selecting a thick oil is the higher plan of action. If you have got a dry scalp, start massaging from the roots to the lengths, and rinse nicely the next day for the very best results.

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