Should you put powder on your lashes before adding mascara?

The outcomes are stark (Picture: TikTok)Long, voluminous, pure lashes could seem to be a delusion to many – however a brand new make-up hack going viral on TikTok is about to vary issues.
If mascara alone simply doesn’t lower it, and you’re achieved with lash extensions and falsies, you would possibly need to add some further steps to your mascara utility course of.
In a video that now has 17.3million views on TikTok, make-up artist Andreea Pletea used concealer and translucent powder on her lashes before making use of mascara, and the outcomes have been genuinely dramatic.
The concealer and powder basically work as a lash primer.
‘While the concealer presents pigmentation, the powder is a thickening agent, which is why your lashes will look fuller,’ make-up artist Harriet Harmon tells
However, Harriet provides that it doubtless relies upon what powder you use, and she or he recommends utilizing a pigmented powder moderately than a translucent powder.
‘It positively works, however the outcomes may not be as dramatic if there’s no pigment in your powder,’ she provides.

How to get volumised lashes utilizing powder and concealer

Using an eyelash or eyebrow brush, coat your eyelashes in concealer
With the identical brush, set the concealer with free powder
Apply your mascara

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Though some commenters famous that this trick was prone to dry out your mascara, rendering it clumpy and unusable, others suggest combatting this by adding eye drops to your mascara. ‘I do it on a regular basis,’ wrote one individual.
Otherwise, you can use a separate mascara brush or eyebrow spoolie to use the concealer and powder before switching over to your mascara wand.
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