Kemayu: Giving homes that Indonesian scent – Lifestyle

Kemayu: Giving homes that Indonesian scent – Lifestyle

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Sun, July 3, 2022


Kemayu affords soulful fragrance creations by infusing Indonesian herbs and spices to their variants, leading to fragrances that inform a singular story.

As the pandemic compelled folks to spend extra time at dwelling, many found that dwelling fragrances weren’t solely there to clean up areas; they might additionally assist set various kinds of moods. 

One native perfumery model that began in the course of the pandemic is Kemayu, which roughly interprets to “coquettish” in English.

Vica Mardika Wong, Kemayu’s founder, believes that every scent has a special soul and story to inform. She discovered that domestically made room fragrances have been both too costly or weren’t adequate in high quality. With these issues, Vica constructed Kemayu, which affords reed diffusers constituted of the unique Indonesian provider oil.

Launched in 2017, Kemayu affords a various vary of fragrances, from candy to musky. While most manufacturers select digital platforms to optimize gross sales, Kemayu determined to market its merchandise in a number of offline shops.

“Kemayu began in social media and e-commerce platforms earlier than my husband inspired me to open up the primary retailer in Pondok Indah Mall, [South Jakarta], two years in the past,” Vica shared.

“He thinks expertise is the important thing to advertising dwelling-perfume merchandise, akin to reed diffusers. [Users] can have a direct expertise by smelling every perfume and getting a really feel for them.”

While some use reed diffusers to clean up their rooms with a selected perfume, Kemayu goals to offer its merchandise an Indonesian contact whereas additionally making an attempt to create merchandise that elicit nostalgic recollections.

Unique aroma: Championing Indonesian components, Kemayu believes that every scent has a special soul and story to inform. (Courtesy of Kemayu) (Courtesy of Kemayu/Courtesy of Kemayu)

Local delight

Most of Kemayu’s merchandise are primarily based on notable Indonesian herbs and spices akin to ylang-ylang (cananga tree), jasmine, Javanese rose, clove and tobacco. The oils are fairly accessible, and Kemayu has no downside sourcing its uncooked supplies. 

According to Vica, the difficult half is relatively when she has to combine completely different fragrances that can match into every variant’s title.

Kemayu has a catchy and visionary title for every variant, akin to embun pagi (morning dew), filosofi cinta (philosophy of affection), mekar (bloom) and ombak pantai (ocean waves). 

Apart from these names, Kemayu has a devoted poem for every product that describes its perfume notes. Vica is the one behind these fairly phrases, akin to one inscribed within the entrance of its retailer at Mal Pondok Indah 2, South Jakarta. 

“Jika semesta hanya tentang aroma rindu / Rindu yang selalu membawaku ke dalam hati sanubarimu,” it mentioned, which interprets into “If the universe is just in regards to the scent of longing, [it would be the] longing that all the time takes me into your coronary heart.”

The model additionally affords lengthy-lasting reed diffusers. Adnin Wirjodisoemo, 28, is one in all its clients from Bandung who was impressed with the reed diffuser that she bought.

“The factor that shocked me essentially the most was that the reed diffuser might final a month, and the perfume was all the time [there] in my lounge,” she mentioned. 

High high quality: Adnin Wirjodisoemo is proud of the standard of the Kemayu merchandise, which lasts longer than most different native manufacturers. (Courtesy of Adnin Wirjodisoemo) (Courtesy of Adnin Wirjodisoemo/Courtesy of Adnin Wirjodisoemo)

Adnin additionally added that she has tried buying a number of native reed diffusers, however she has not discovered one that can last more with a extra lengthy-lasting perfume than Kemayu. 

“From what I checked on their Instagram, they’ve many distinctive signature fragrances akin to ibu Pertiwi [mother Earth], secangkir teh manis [a cup of sweetened tea], es kelapa [iced coconut water] and gadis kemayu [coquettish girl],” mentioned Adnin, who’s adamant that Kemayu mixes its fragrances to repeat the same aromas that encompass Indonesians of their day by day lives.

Currently, Kemayu has 33 perfume collections and tries to launch a brand new perfume each two months.

“At first I used to be confused about which reed diffuser variant from Kemayu as a result of they’ve so many variants however there was no description of the perfume [as I bought it online]. 

“I made a decision to ship a message to the gross sales administrator and eventually determined to go for the ilalang-ilalang variant,” mentioned Adnin. She stays in love with the ilalang-ilalang variant that she describes as “lemongrass combined with citrus and a contact of sugary sweetness that is juicy and contemporary giving a clear and fragrant impression”.

Support: Vica’s husband was the one that inspired her to convey the Kemayu expertise nearer to the shoppers by way of offline shops. (Courtesy of Kemayu) (Courtesy of Kemayu/Courtesy of Kemayu)

The perfume’s soul

Vica’s perception that “each fragrance has a soul and a narrative behind it” led her to create Kemayu, the place she needed to ask clients to reminisce in regards to the recollections behind every perfume and create a fantastic expertise out of it.

For occasion, Vica created ombak pantai whereas picturing the concord of the ocean and the greeneries. This variant has center notes of jasmine, rose and frangipani — varieties of white flowers that normally fall on high of seawater.

Besides ombak pantai, there’s additionally asmara and cinta pertama, which translate to “romance” and “old flame” respectively. With asmara, Kemayu seeks to depict a fiery romance with saffron, spices, amber wooden and ambergris as its first notes. 

Cinta pertama, in the meantime, makes an attempt to replicate the “sweetness” of a typical old flame because it employs the scent of candy raspberry, pineapple and mango in addition to the aroma of a silk end lipstick.

“Perfume is the artwork that makes reminiscence communicate. All the fragrances behind Kemayu are linked with the fragments of recollections of my life,” she mentioned. “I wish to share my tales and soul with the world. I wish to promote a fragrance impressed by the great thing about Indonesia and invite them [customers] to relive the recollections.”


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