How to prune lavender for ‘silvery foliage’ all summer – and what to do with the cuttings

Pruning lavender is a straightforward activity but it surely’s essential to know precisely what you want to do earlier than going straight in with the secateurs. While the important objective of pruning is to cut back the quantity of woody development, you first want to know which kind of lavender you’re rising and how onerous to lower it again, with out killing the plant. Here’s the finest manner to prune lavender and precisely what to do with the cuttings to cease them from going to waste.How to prune lavenderThere are three important kinds of lavender, all of which must be pruned otherwise to maintain them wanting vibrant, and smelling contemporary all through the summer.English lavender is hardier than most and is finest recognized for the sturdy blooms that arrive in early summer, although French and Spanish lavender crops require extra mild pruning.As a basic rule, it’s finest to trim lavender crops yearly in late summer, simply after flowering has completed.The Royal Horticultural Society mentioned: “Remove any spent flower stalks and about 2.5cm of leaf development.“Foliage may be clipped over in spring if development is untidy or frost broken.”It is essential to keep away from chopping the stems themselves as it’s unlikely that they are going to develop again.For English lavender and hybrid varieties, Monrovia Nurseries advisable aiming for a “tidy, rounded mound of foliage” that may look good by way of the winter in addition to summer.Tufted lavender crops, together with French and Spanish varieties, must be trimmed extra sparingly and deadheaded constantly after flowering.Mature crops can turn out to be straggly, woody and misshapen extra shortly than younger lavender, making them onerous to keep with annual pruning alone.The RHS mentioned: “As they’re quick rising and set up shortly, they’re finest changed if you need to maintain every part wanting neat.”What to do with lavender cuttingsLavender is a sight to behold whereas in bloom throughout the summer, and it may be equally as gratifying as soon as lower from the plant too.The silvery stems make for a soothing bed room perfume, and even as pure deodoriser for materials round your house.While there are limitless methods to use lavender cuttings round the home, these are the most helpful makes use of for your aromatic off-cuts left after pruning.Carpet deodoriserSprinkle dried lavender in your carpets a number of hours earlier than vacuuming to banish odours.Walk over them barefoot and crush the buds to launch their perfume.As the vacuum runs, extra lavender aroma will likely be launched whereas lifting the disagreeable stench from the cloth.Wardrobe freshenerLavender is a more healthy different to mothballs however will work simply as effectively.Take a bundle of lavender cuttings and wrap a rubber band round the backside of the stems.Use a small paperclip as a hook to cling the lavender bundle on a coat hanger.Place them the other way up in your wardrobe.The darkness will assist the lavender retain its color, and drying it the other way up helps lavender retain its blossom form.Lavender bathtub saltsUse lavender in soothing and calming bathtub salts to relieve stress, stress, and insomnia.To make the aromatic salts, combine the following elements right into a clear glass jar:One cup of Epsom saltHalf a cup of blended oatsTwo tablespoons of dried lavender budsOne tablespoon of olive oilEight to 10 drops of lavender important oilPlace the lid on the jar, shake effectively, and depart to sit for a number of days to infuse the salts.Add a handful of lavender bathtub salts to heat bathtub water.

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