Rooibos phytosome technology could revolutionise skincare

Keely  Goodall

| John Maytham spoke to senior researcher of proteomics and molecular biology at AMHBI, Dr Mariska Lilly, about these new developments.

The beauty business could be seeing some vital enhancements as researchers from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) have discovered a method to make use of phytosome nanotechnology to boost the bioavailability of rooibos extract in pores and skin formulations.John Maytham spoke to senior researcher of proteomics and molecular biology at CPUT’s Applied Microbial and Health Biotechnology Institute (AMHBI), Dr Mariska Lilly, about these new developments.Lilly says that in response to earlier analysis, it has been seen that rooibos can have a protecting impact towards irritation in pores and skin cells and has the potential to take away pre-cancerous cells and block irritation.These merchandise could doubtlessly have unimaginable advantages for individuals with pores and skin most cancers or pre-cancerous pores and skin cells.Rooibos has been seen to have vital well being advantages which were unable to be utilised as a result of the excessive molecular weight has restricted its bioavailability.But, through the use of the brand new phytosome nanocarriers to ship the extracts, there will be long-term advantages in rooibos merchandise.It could be a number of years earlier than that is market-ready, however these developments could revolutionise the way forward for skincare.This technology could be particularly helpful as part of a sunscreen if the rooibos focus is on the proper stage.Listen to the audio for extra.

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