Is makeup bad for your skin?

Makeup is an on a regular basis merchandise for many individuals and non-negotiable for some. Is it bad for our pores and skin? As at all times, the reply isn’t clear-cut and is determined by the person, their pores and skin sort, and the merchandise they use.

With an awesome selection of beauty merchandise accessible, most individuals don’t even know the place to begin with makeup. Organic? Natural? Fragrance free? Hypoallergenic? Non-comedogenic? Paraben free? What does this all imply, and are they any higher?



Many individuals cowl their face with makeup day-after-day, doubtlessly inflicting irritation. from

The time period makeup typically describes the group of cosmetics which are used for beautification. Other cosmetics embody merchandise which are used to cleanse, deal with or defend the pores and skin and hair. These days, although, we generally see all-in-one merchandise, equivalent to BB or CC lotions, which mix makeup for protection along with different substances to supply solar safety and pores and skin advantages. Reducing the full variety of merchandise might be useful for these with problematic pores and skin, however might complicate issues for some.

What does makeup do to our pores and skin?

While normally makeup is innocent, sure merchandise might trigger issues for some people. It’s crucial to make use of makeup and cosmetics which are appropriate for your pores and skin sort or pores and skin situation.

Skin sorts are broadly labeled into 4 teams:

• oily – extra oil manufacturing, giant pores, blackheads and zits susceptible

• delicate – tight, stinging, illiberal to many merchandise and liable to redness



• dry – boring, tough or flaky and liable to itchiness

• regular/mixture – could also be oily within the T-zone (brow, nostril and chin) however problem-free elsewhere

Although most individuals have a good suggestion of their primary pores and skin sort, they could fail to recognise the existence of an underlying pores and skin dysfunction. Conditions equivalent to eczema, contact dermatitis, rosacea and solar harm might trigger irritation and disruption of the pores and skin barrier.

Inflammation causes itchiness or tenderness, redness, lumps and bumps, whereas barrier disruption leads to tight, delicate, dry and easily-irritated pores and skin. These signs might be equivalent to these brought on by reactions to cosmetics, and due to this fact must be thought of earlier than assuming makeup to be the trigger. Conversely, an ongoing response to merchandise being utilized to the pores and skin might clarify why the pores and skin isn’t responding to common therapy.

Skin irritations could cause itchy, scaly purple rashes. from

Skin issues brought on by cosmetics

Acne cosmetica is a type of zits triggered by means of sure beauty merchandise. It is linked to sure substances that trigger comedone formation (a blockage within the pore) and usually presents as small rash-like bumpy pimples. A standard false impression is that the makeup bodily blocks the pore, whereas truly the block is fabricated from lifeless pores and skin cells.



Mild irritation leads to extra pores and skin turnover and clogging of the pore, with mineral oils being the most typical wrongdoer. It’s not at all times attainable to find out makeup is the trigger merely from the ingredient checklist, as it could be influenced by formulation, amount and supply strategies.

Irritant dermatitis accounts for nearly all of reactions to makeup and different beauty merchandise. It can happen in anybody however is extra doubtless in these with pre-existing delicate pores and skin or in these with underlying barrier disruption brought on by a situation like eczema or rosacea. It usually causes an itchy, scaly purple rash however may even blister or weep. Symptoms can happen instantly however might take weeks and even months to develop with weaker irritants, making it tough to determine the trigger.

Allergic contact dermatitis happens when an individual has grow to be sensitised to an ingredient that has been utilized to the pores and skin. A purple, itchy rash generally related to swelling or blisters develops 12-48 hours after publicity, and will grow to be continual with ongoing use. The allergen might be very tough to determine, as a result of in some instances the product is used for months or years earlier than sensitisation happens.

People put many various merchandise on their face, isolating a explanation for irritation might be difficult. from

Are there substances we should always keep away from?

Fragrances and preservatives are the most typical explanation for contact allergy ensuing from cosmetics. There are over 5,000 totally different fragrances utilized in skincare merchandise, a lot of that are pure plant extracts and important oils.

Other widespread allergens embody preservatives, lanolin, coconut diethanolamide (a foaming agent) and sunscreen brokers. Preservatives, equivalent to parabens, formaldehyde and Quaternium-15 are required in all liquid merchandise to stabilise them and stop the expansion of microbes. A standard false impression is that pure and natural substances won’t trigger allergy or irritation, however in susceptible people these can in truth be fairly problematic.



Unless you might have a recognized allergy or sensitivity, there aren’t any particular substances that everybody ought to keep away from. But wanting for hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic merchandise is smart. Those with an oily pores and skin sort or a historical past of zits also needs to restrict oil-based cosmetics.

Those with a delicate or dry pores and skin sort, an underlying inflammatory pores and skin situation or historical past of contact allergy ought to attempt to keep away from irritants and potential allergens. Foaming brokers, astringent merchandise (equivalent to toners that take away oils), scrubs and acids (equivalent to alpha hydroxy acids utilized in zits and anti-ageing) are typically irritating. Hypoallergenic formulations and people focusing on delicate pores and skin are a good selection.

What ought to I do if I believe I may need a response?

If you develop a brand new rash or pores and skin irritation, the very first thing to do is to attempt to affirm the analysis. If you observed you’re reacting to one in all your cosmetics however unsure which, then ideally you must cease utilizing all of your present merchandise in the issue space. You ought to attempt to simplify your day by day routine, selecting merchandise which have been particularly formulated for delicate and allergic pores and skin.

If the issue settles, you’ll be able to reintroduce your cosmetics one after the other to see whether or not you’ll be able to determine the wrongdoer. It’s a good suggestion to check each in a small localised space on the neck or face for every week or two earlier than utilizing it all around the face. This course of is named a “repeat open utility take a look at”.

If you’ll be able to’t resolve it or discover cosmetics that don’t irritate your pores and skin, chances are you’ll want to hunt skilled assist to rule out different pores and skin situations and formally take a look at for allergic reactions if warranted.



Cara McDonald, Consultant Dermatologist, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

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