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CNA – Many of us commit effort and time to skincare, within the hope of holding age marks from showing prematurely on our face. In comparability, few are as involved or energetic about caring for his or her hair, and sometimes solely act on the emergence of clear indicators of harm or, worse nonetheless, thinning hair.
Bear in thoughts that whereas broken hair can (to a sure extent) be repaired or grown out, hair loss could be tough to reverse and even everlasting, in some situations. Doesn’t it make sense, then, to pay just a little extra consideration proper now to our hair, which, like your pores and skin, can be topic to the results of ageing?
Starting early is essential, as a result of ready till it’s too late isn’t a great way to go – it’s all the identical, regardless of if it issues our hair, well being, tooth or pores and skin. According to a trichologist at Nuffield Wellness Calvy Ling it’s by no means too early to start as hair loss can happen at any age previous puberty, notably between 20 and 45-years-old.
“My youngest-ever shopper was 17-years-old, whose hair loss was due to examination stress,” she mentioned.
Before delving into how to go about guarding against hair loss, it’s essential to perceive why it occurs. Stress, as Ling talked about, is without doubt one of the chief causes, together with quite a few different causes, which she shares right here.

HOW TO TELL IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A HAIR LOSS PROBLEMIt’s regular to lose some hair each day – it’s a part of the pure hair progress cycle.
Healthy hair progress goes by way of 4 phases, wherein it grows actively within the first (anagen section), after which transitions (catagen section) into resting mode (telogen section), lastly shedding earlier than regrowth occurs (exogen section).
Not all of the hair in your scalp might be going by way of the identical section on the identical time, nevertheless, which explains why some hair fall is to be anticipated each day. The hairs which can be shed needs to be these which can be within the exogen section, and a traditional rely of hairs misplaced per day is round 50 to 100 strands.
No one actually sits down to rely each single hair that’s misplaced, after all, however when you’re noticing a big enhance within the quantity you’re shedding per day, it might be an indication of an issue.
Ling additionally identified that it’s essential to test if the hairs which can be misplaced are within the anagen, catagen or telogen section. “Every time you shampoo your hair, concentrate to the hairs which can be shed. If these are brief and nice, they’re probably to be younger child hairs – this indicators that your roots are weak, which explains why your hair shed simply,” she mentioned.
THE ROOT CAUSES OF HAIR LOSSThere are numerous different causes behind extreme hair loss, and one in every of them is emotional stress, as Ling beforehand talked about.
“As the physique adopts a fight-or-flight behaviour to take care of hazard, it attracts vitamin away from non-essential elements like hair and nails. Research by Harvard University in 2021 confirmed that elevated presence of corticosterone, a stress hormone, may also inhibit hair progress,” she defined.
Hormonal fluctuations – in situations comparable to being pregnant, menopause and even the presence of a thyroid dysfunction – may also result in extreme hair loss. Other triggers embody sickness, dietary deficiencies and in addition sure haircare habits, comparable to utilizing the improper hair merchandise or tying up the hair too tightly over lengthy durations of time.
Ageing occurs to our scalp, similar to the way it impacts our pores and skin.
“As we grow old, our hair follicles grow to be smaller. Hence the strands of hair that develop out get thinner (and weaker, which suggests) it sheds extra simply. Unfortunately, some new strands could by no means handle to develop again,” Ling mentioned.
Finally, genetic elements additionally decide if hair loss happens and its extent, too, particularly in a single’s later years – they trigger male-pattern or female-pattern baldness, that are hereditary situations.
CAN HAIR LOSS BE PREVENTED?The brief reply is sure, however not in all instances. It is determined by a number of elements, together with the kind of hair loss in query, the severity of the situation, whereas our age, genes, scalp and well being situations are additionally key elements.
Ling mentioned that taking measures comparable to holding wholesome life-style habits and correct upkeep regimens as early as potential may also help stop hair loss, to a sure extent.
Doing so will assist generally, aside from genetic hair loss or hair loss due to ageing, sickness, being pregnant and menopause. Even if taking steps is probably not in a position to cease hair loss within the latter situations, which are sometimes out of our management, they might assist delay it and even scale back the extent of loss.
WHAT YOU CAN DOAvoid harsh shampoos: Squeaky-clean isn’t precisely good. A very good shampoo ought to cleanse properly, whereas not stripping hair and scalp of important moisture. Using a moisture-preserving shampoo with out harsh surfactants will keep and promote hair well being. “Keeping your scalp clear and nourished may also assist inhibit hair loss,” confirmed Ling.
Use a scalp-care serum: It doesn’t damage to attempt a scalp serum however do choose one fastidiously. A very good serum ought to have a light-weight texture and never go away any residue in your scalp. Avoid heavy or oily formulation, as they might clog follicles and end in additional hair loss.
Try a dietary complement: What you eat has a direct impression in your well being, and thus can have an effect on the situation of your scalp and hair as properly. According to Ling, biotin, zinc, iron and nutritional vitamins A, D, E and F are all essential vitamins for wholesome hair progress. It’s greatest when you can deal with these wants through a balanced weight loss plan, but when just a little assistance is required, a hair-health complement can goal these particular necessities. Of course, at all times seek the advice of your physician (if want be) earlier than taking them, and go for these from dependable, doctor-approved manufacturers.
Maintain good life-style habits: It’s practically inconceivable to keep away from stress however one can at all times discover a number of good methods to alleviate it in order to profit our total wellbeing. Some issues you’ll be able to and may undoubtedly avoid, nevertheless, are extreme smoking and consuming – they speed up ageing, on prime of being unhealthy for well being. “Practising all these, along with getting sufficient sleep, may also help scale back ranges of cortisol, a stress hormone,” mentioned Ling.
Invest in scalp-care remedies: We received’t say that scalp remedies are completely important in stopping hair loss down the street, however they’ll assist achieve this, in case you have the funds to have them frequently. Ling mentioned that applicable remedies may also help keep hydration ranges within the scalp and hair, and therefore alleviate hair loss and even contribute to common scalp upkeep, which is useful to hair well being.
Avoid extreme chemical styling: “Avoid extreme chemical remedies, comparable to bleaching and straightening, as these can worsen dryness and additional weaken hair construction and roots,” suggested Ling. Keep in thoughts that tying up your hair too tightly can result in hair loss too.
This is named traction alopecia, wherein hair fall is attributable to extended carrying of tight ponytails or updos.
A DIFFERENT TYPE OF HAIR LOSS – BREAKAGEThinning hair can be led to by hair breakage, apart from hair loss that happens on the roots. While typically thought of much less extreme than the latter, hair breakage could be equally irritating because it can lead to a dramatic loss of hair quantity.
If your hair breaks simply, it’s an indication that it’s weak and never wholesome, mentioned the manager director of product growth at haircare model Oribe, Michele Burgess.
She defined how weak hair is inclined to breakage: “Hair strands are made up of keratin, a key part to hair power and resiliency. The outer layer of hair, known as the cuticle, protects the hair shaft from loss of keratin. When hair is unhealthy, the cuticle scales are lifted, which causes keratin to leak out and the interior core to grow to be brittle and dry. Weak hair can be extra inclined to break up ends, which might migrate up the hair shaft, inflicting it to break.”
Hair breakage, like hair loss on the roots, is attributable to a broad vary of things together with (however not restricted to) genetics, age, stress, hormonal adjustments, weight loss plan and environmental elements. But it’s mostly a results of extreme chemical processing, styling with sizzling instruments and neglect when it comes to one’s haircare routine.
This additionally means the situation could typically be simpler to stop than hair loss on the roots, except your weakened hair is due to inner causes. In many instances, it may be improved by staying away from chemical remedies, hair-dyeing and warmth styling, and utilizing haircare merchandise that strengthen and defend the hair.
“Prevention has at all times been a fundamental class in skincare and is now beginning to make its manner into haircare as customers grow to be more and more extra savvy concerning the connection between haircare and skincare. Preventing hair breakage is essential as a result of not like your pores and skin, which might regenerate itself, hair breakage is irreversible,” mentioned Burgess.

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