Celebrating one of the sights and smells of the season: Behold the Easter Lilly

Lots of people will get pleasure from a contemporary potted flowering plant this weekend as Easter is well known.Chances are that plant shall be an Easter lily.
Or it might be potted tulips or hyacinths, perhaps pansies or ranunculus. But my guess it will likely be an Easter lily given its familiarity in the perennial backyard – and, of course, with Easter. 

This column  focuses on caring for now and later in the backyard, the potted lily, hyacinth or tulip.  

The Easter lily (Lily longiflorum) is my favourite vacation florist-type plant. It is stately; not floppy as some potted hyacinths and tulips will be, 18-24 inches tall (an excellent  top to be used all through the dwelling), buds open dependably and in sequence, blossoms are an ivory-white contrasting with yellow stamens – and it’s richly aromatic.

Fragrance is about the solely draw back; it’s too robust for some of my pals. Also, perfume is most pronounced throughout night  hours and virtually absent in the morning and early afternoon. This is as a result of the biology of this plant requires night-time pollination, thus its perfume is robust then to draw these pollinators.

I doubt you will have any actual worries about night-flowering pollinators in your house!

On the perfume scale, hyacinths come near the lily and these develop extra aromatic as the small florets open on the stalk- from backside up.  I feel its perfume is a little more refined and masked than the wealthy aroma of the lily.

Tulips provide little perfume regardless of time of day or diploma of being open.

Potted tulips and hyacinths are a lot shorter than lilies, perhaps 8 to 16” excessive, particularly with tulips.  This top makes then a colourful addition to a desk, nightstand or windowsill.

Care for all three is simple. If the pot is roofed with foil, punch a gap in the backside so extra water can drain away onto a saucer.  Not a lot water shall be wanted – perhaps eight ounces one day per week and perhaps a tad extra for lilies.  Err on the aspect of soil being dry relatively than moist.

Use the plant wherever you’ll most get pleasure from it – even when meaning the backside of a closet.  They will bloom properly regardless of how a lot mild then get as soon as in your house.  I’m critical about this people, use them the place you’re glad to see them.

When shopping for, select vegetation with extra buds than open flowers. This results in longevity in your house.

Once you’re executed with them inside, it’s simple to plant exterior, leaves intact.   Lilies are particularly good in coming again – perhaps this August with stems solely or a number of buds.  This lily is hardy in our space and will return in even higher glory June 2022.

Tulips and hyacinths may even re-grow and blossom in the 2022 backyard however possible not with the vigor as a lily.

Try to maintain the soil mass from the pot intact as you plant exterior right into a ready gap.  

Ed Hutchison, of Midland, authors a weekly spring gardening column for the Midland Daily News. He will be reached at [email protected]


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