What is lunar hair care and all you need to know before the next full moon day

All the fuss and buzz round lunar hair care&nbsp

It’s that season when each time you run your hand via your tresses, they fall in clumps, actually like a waterfall. And nothing breaks your coronary heart as a lot as seeing each haircare hack fail. From lime to curds to methi water, this seasonal change does not let any DIY pack work and in reality can solely lead to reverse impact. But there has to be a way to put an finish to it? 

If you’re a social media addict, you’d discover that the Lunar Hair Care has taken over the internet in the previous few days. Wondering what’s the fuss about? It’s believed that the waxing phases of the moon even have a direct impact in your hair fall and untimely greying. 

The primary logic is that the gravitational pull of the moon is so excessive that it causes excessive tides in the oceans. It has an identical impact on the physique and brings all the optimistic power to the highest level of a human physique and that has a direct impact in your scalp well being and hair. 

It’s nonetheless unclear as to who actually got here up with the concept, however it appears to have labored for hundreds of years. Humans have at all times believed that the moon’s cycle is used to decide harvesting crop and the identical is used to your hair. The finest days to get a haircut is the solstice dates. But aside from the annual summer season and winter solstice that performs host to main hair transformations, the month-to-month full moon days are optimum for micro trimmings (1/eighth of an inch). 

Benefits of following Lunar Hair Care: 

Strengthens your roots
Strengthens your shaft
Adds a pure lustre
Thicken’s the dimension of every strand 
Allows your hair to develop longer
Reduces hairfall 
Reduces untimely greying 
Overall wholesome hair 

How to observe lunar hair care: 

It’s crucial to do your analysis and set your objectives. It’s necessary to observe that the new moon time is to plant new seeds aka manifest what you need and the full moon day is to minimize the crop. 
Continue to take care of your hair. Don’t go away every thing on the lunar power. You nonetheless have to proceed oiling and dry therapeutic massage. 
Keep in thoughts to get a seasonal minimize throughout the solstice or equinox. 
A trim is finished solely throughout the full moon. 

Mark your calendars as this month, the full moon falls on February 16. 


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