Experts Weigh In On The Viral TikTok About Washing Your Hairbrush

If watching the viral TikTok video and seeing simply how a lot filth can get constructed up in a hairbrush you sweep throughout your hair each day wasn’t sufficient to traumatize you, hair specialists have determined to chime in and make sure that it is time everybody began paying nearer to consideration to hairbrush-care in addition to normal haircare. Certified trichologist and hair science professional Bridgette Hill defined how your hairbrush is usually a “breeding floor for mud, micro organism, mites, and product build-up” (through Insider). Hill broke it down fairly merely, “Contemplate on how ceaselessly you ‘cleanse’ the hair and reintroduce the identical soiled hairbrush to your scalp and hair fiber,” she defined. “It is as if you’re recontaminating the atmosphere that was simply cleansed.”

Haircare mogul Jen Atkin’s model web site The Ouai has additionally spoken earlier than about how necessary it’s to scrub your hairbrushes, explaining that primarily brushing your freshly washed hair with the previous dirts and oils out of your pre-wash brush sort of defeats the aim and leaves your hair getting greasy quicker. They suggest washing your hairbrush weekly or as soon as each couple of weeks — and you should utilize a easy combination of scorching water, dish cleaning soap, and vinegar to depart your hairbrush feeling model new once more!

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