What Is Cetyl Alcohol and Why Is It So Popular in Hair Products?

Another day, one other confusion by the use of elements. Today, the burning query is, what’s cetyl alcohol? The cause for the furrowed brows is as a result of we now have it instilled in us that alcohols in hair and skincare merchandise is historically dangerous and dries us out. But but, this thriller alcohol is heralded by many.

To unravel this seemingly crowd-pleasing product part, we reached out to Nikki Neubarth, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Product Development at UNITE Hair, a model that comes with cetyl alcohol into lots of its formulation. Keep studying to seek out out simply what’s cetyl alcohol, and why it’s totally different than a few of the different alcohols which are shunned in magnificence merchandise.

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What Is Cetyl Alcohol?

“Cetyl alcohol is taken into account a fatty alcohol,” Neubarth tells Mane Addicts. “It is generally derived from both vegetable or coconut oils.”

Benefits of Cetyl Alcohol in Hair Products

“Cetyl alcohol is often used in hair care due to its moisturizing properties,” Neubarth says. “They may also assist easy and seal the hair cuticle, leaving a softer, silkier end.”

Why Cetyl Alcohol Is Different from Other Alcohols

“Cetyl Alcohol is a ‘Fatty Alcohol,’ which is moisturizing, versus a ‘Simple Alcohol’ reminiscent of SD Alcohol which will be drying to the hair,” Neubarth explains. “Simple Alcohol elements are sometimes used in hair merchandise to assist lower the dry time of the product (reminiscent of a hairspray), improve spreadability or as a service for heavier elements. Whereas ‘Fatty Alcohols’ reminiscent of Cetyl Alcohol are added for his or her moisturizing and smoothing qualities to the hair.”

Now that we’ve uncovered simply what’s cetyl alcohol, HERE‘s every thing to learn about glycerin, one other all-star haircare ingredient.


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