MODA MODA begins global sales by introducing its functional shampoo on Amazon

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MODA MODA Inc. (President Aiden Bae), a cosmetics and pharmaceutical producer and distributor, has not too long ago launched a shampoo model “MODA MODA” and declares the sale of its functional shampoo, “Pro-Change Black Shampoo,” on Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) in 4th week of August.Moda Moda Pro-change Black Shampoo launch on AmazonMODAMODA Inc collectively developed the product with Dr. Haeshin Lee (Ph.D.), a chemist from MIT, for seven years. It is formulated with a pure antioxidant that reacts with oxygen and daylight to darken grey hair into blackish brown step by step.It was designed based mostly on the browning phenomenon of the bugs’ wounded space facilitated by the self-healing substance and the Maillard response of fruits facilitated by the antioxidant substance. The product’s major uncooked materials helps resolve middle-aged shoppers’ considerations by darkening grey hairs, minimizing hair loss, and boosting hair quantity.Dr. Haeshin Lee’s video on the story of the MODA MODA “Pro-Change Black Shampoo.””With Okay-beauty receiving global consideration, we plan to focus on abroad markets beginning with Amazon sales actively,” stated Aiden Bae, President of MODA MODA. “We are creating coloration shampoo that may produce varied colours for younger shoppers.”Meanwhile, MODA MODA marketed its model picture on an out of doors advert board at Times Square in New York on July 12, asserting its begin as a global haircare model.The official promoting value of MODA MODA Pro-Change Black Shampoo within the US is USD 34.00 based mostly on 10.5 oz (300g) of genuine product.MODA MODA Inc. additionally designed the world’s first multifunctional shampoo container, making use of a patented 3-step oxygen blocking expertise. This 3-step sealing mechanism, composed of an aluminum pouch, disc valve, and a shaft, is custom-made to completely block oxygen publicity, preserving the shampoo components from oxidizing.MODA MODA Inc. Media Contact:Marketing Dept. PR Manager Younchang Seo, [email protected] continues *Press equipment: authentic content material to obtain multimedia: MODA MODA

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