Kareena Kapoor skincare| 5 Kareena Kapoor beauty secrets you need to know to get smooth glowing skin

5 Kareena Kapoor beauty secrets you need to know&nbsp

There’s infrequently been a time after we’ve seen Kareena Kapoor Khan have unhealthy skin. Whether it’s after lengthy flights, hectic work schedules, or evening shifts, within the final twenty years, Kareena has solely been the epitome of nice skin and motivated her million followers to additionally do their bit to get nice skin. 

Due to the career, Kareena additionally has to don heavy make-up nearly on a regular basis that may make your skin look boring and lifeless. But not for Bebo who appears more energizing than a daisy 24×7.

The solely factor that helps us fight mid-week blues is skincare. So right this moment, let’s take a cue from the celebrity and her straightforward 5 hacks for nice skin.


The one criticism most of us have with our skin is how boring and lifeless it could actually look on most days. One of the principle causes for that’s dehydration. Kareena vouches by consuming water all day. She had as soon as stated that she drinks about 3-4 liters of water a day. 

Coconut Water

And for many who do not just like the style of plain water, go for coconut water just like the diva. An simpler manner to add a little bit extra vitamins and minerals to what you devour is that this wholesome drink that hydrates and nourishes your physique too.

DIY Face Mask

Bebo vouches for this two-ingredient face masks that works like magic. Kareena makes a mixture of some tablespoons of yogurt together with almond oil and makes use of it nearly each day. Almond oil is a superb ingredient to battle pigmentation and dryness whereas yogurt beats tan and any skin impurities. 


In an earlier interplay with Grazia, Kareena had talked about that on most days, she takes honey and massages her skin with it. It improves your complexion, and it’s wealthy in vitamin A that reinforces collagen manufacturing.

Sheet Masks

We owe it to the South (*5*) beauty trade for introducing us to sheet masks. There is a masks for each skincare woe and Bebo vouches by sheet masks. During the primary wave of the lockdown, Kareena used sheet masks for her skin and shared photographs of the identical on her Instagram deal with. 

When unsure, all the time take a cue from the OG beauty icon for that flawless sheen and crystal clear skin. 


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