Evaluating the authenticity of brand perfumes using GCxGC-TOF MS

Learn about the worth of GC×GC for perfume profiling and the way the addition of mass spectrometry supplies deeper insights into pattern composition

Dr. Laura McGregor, product advertising supervisor at SepSolve Analytical

In current years, there was a considerable rise in the quantity of counterfeit and imitation fragrances on the market which might be offered at considerably decrease costs in comparison with luxurious manufacturers. The packaging of such merchandise is usually so just like the recognized manufacturers that buyers could also be unable to tell apart between real and pretend items.

It is subsequently necessary to have assured high quality and authenticity testing, to make sure customers don’t obtain an inferior product, to guard brand status and reduce loss of revenues. This on-demand webinar, introduced by Dr. Laura McGregor, product advertising supervisor at SepSolve Analytical, exhibits how the complete information acquired using GC×GC–TOF MS, coupled with easy-to-use chemometrics software program, can ship quick and assured perfume profiling.

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Q: Can you clarify extra about how Tandem Ionisation® works?

LM: Tandem Ionization is underpinned by our unique Select-eV® ion supply expertise. In this, we optimized the ion supply design to have the ability to run it effectively at decrease ionization energies. The design signifies that even at low ionization power, the electrons are effectively channeled away from the filament and drawn into the ion supply. If you have been to do that on every other GC-MS, the decrease accelerating potential is inadequate to attract electrons into the ion chamber and leads to clustering of electrons round the filament. This ‘house cost limitation’ causes a drop in sensitivity by a number of orders of magnitude. 

The patented Select-eV design signifies that we are able to obtain improved efficiency for gentle electron ionization (EI), whereas the patented switching, generally known as Tandem Ionization, signifies that we are able to obtain each onerous and gentle ionization in a single run. If you wish to discover out extra about that, we’ve got a technical be aware on our web site that goes into all of the particulars about Tandem Ionization and explains (with diagrams) how the ion supply design improves the efficiency for gentle EI.

Q: What ionization energies can be utilized on the system?

LM: With Tandem Ionization, we are able to choose any two ionization energies between 10 and 70 eV. An autotune is solely run for the two ionization energies you wish to use, and that may even be included at the begin of a sequence. There aren’t any {hardware} adjustments or further parameters to optimize, it’s all managed by the software program and all in an automatic sequence.

Q: I analyze perfume mixtures in scented candles. How might one thing be completed using your system?

LM: On the system I confirmed in the slides, we have been using our pattern preparation robotic (or SPR). Obviously, we used liquid injection on this case as a result of of the neat fragrance samples we have been taking a look at, however the SPR will also be fitted with modules for headspace or SPME evaluation to deal with strong samples, like candle wax.  However, we additionally regularly use thermal desorption (TD) expertise from our sister firm, Markes International. For the evaluation of strong samples like candle wax, we might additionally apply the Centri® pattern extraction and enrichment platform, the place we are able to carry out automated headspace sampling, SPME, or sorptive extraction and profit from trap-based focussing to enhance chromatography or to complement the pattern. Additionally, the Centri can accommodate tube-based thermal desorption, which means that there would even be the choice to pattern indoor air onto TD tubes and monitor the impression of the scented candle – it’s one platform for liquid, strong and gaseous samples.

Q: Is there any approach for the software program to establish a collection of compounds like aldehydes inside my pattern?

LM: Yes, inside the ChromSpace® software program that I confirmed in the slides, we’ve got a device referred to as Compound Explorer. This permits advanced chromatograms to be filtered down to point out solely the peaks which have a sure attribute. For instance, in case you have been eager about aldehydes, the filtering expression could possibly be ready to search for ions or ion ratios which might be attribute of that class. When it’s run, a filtered chromatogram is created which solely exhibits peaks with these traits – in different phrases, solely the peaks which have handed the expression are proven, making it far more selective than a easy EIC chromatogram. The expressions will be made as advanced or so simple as required. The filters may even be used for issues like impartial losses from the molecular ion, comparable to ethyl, methyl, or water losses. You can even use narrower mass tolerances in the expressions to make use of the improved mass accuracy of the BenchTOF2, so it’s fairly a strong device to shortly discover a specific compound or a category of curiosity inside a fancy pattern.

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