A Fine French Fragrance Inspired By Feng Shui Philosophy

The Harmonist is a younger superb perfume model primarily based in Paris that follows age-old feng shui … [+] philosophy to create distinctive scents. It’s hero scents, Sun Force and Moon Glory was just lately nominated by the Fragrance Foundation for Best Luxury Men and Best Luxury Women Scents.


To a real perfume fanatic, EDTs and perfumes are without end related. Even throughout a time significantly outlined by face masks and lockdowns, scents proceed to perform as an important a part of the day by day routine. There are these to treat fragrance as the ultimate contact to any ensemble. Whether it’s a pair of silk pajamas or athleisure put on, a spritz of invigorating EDT will all the time end off the look. In this respect, fragrances grow to be a part of the style repertoire.

Fragrances are additionally regarded by others as an intrinsic a part of the wonder and wellness routine. Like shade cosmetics or skincare, scents improve pure magnificence. In the submit pandemic world, fragrances perform as highly effective instruments that assist emotional wellness. Apart from smelling good, customers are actually inclined to spend money on scents that assist soothe, chill out and ease. It’s this eager for consolation amidst disaster, that evokes many to create their very personal protected havens via scents.
Fragrances impressed by historic feng shui philosophy is a refreshing idea, particularly interesting to the quintessential magnificence and wellness fanatic. Founded in 2016 by Lola Tilyaeva, THE HARMONIST merges haute perfumerie with the age-old knowledge of feng shui. The fundamental thought is to harness the therapeutic properties of the 5 parts—earth, water, fireplace, air, steel—via scents. Lola begins, “I launched The Harmonist as an expression of a want to render stability and concord via the facility of scent. Committed to a life lengthy quest to know the mysteries and wonders animating life’s basic questions, I envisioned a singular perfume home based on the knowledge of feng shui, translating its rules into perfumery.”

Fragrance maker and The Harmonist Founder Lola Tilyaeva


Feng shui is a Chinese geomancy that works with the weather discovered within the surroundings to boost concord, prosperity and sense of general stability. A nearer take a look at this philosophy will reveal that it’s really extra logic than magic. For occasion, feng shui informs us by no means to place chairs the place your again is going through the door. Similarly, legal guidelines of widespread sense inform us that when adorning a house full of heat, you need these stepping in to be greeting by smiling faces of its dwellers or visitor—not the backs of their heads.

In the identical method, The Harmonist goals to deliver guiding rules of feng shui in selecting superb fragrances. Lola expounds, “Articulating a recognition that every particular person possesses his or her personal distinct delivery component, I imagined The Harmonist as a car to supply purchasers an enhanced and personalised expertise find stability and well-being via our distinctive assortment.”

The model expertise begins with a Find Your Element Quiz . Based off one’s distinctive parts and power composition, distinctive fragrances from fragrance to scented candles and even scented physique sponges, are advisable. Results are guides to assist with number of fragrances. This is to not say that one is confined to at least one vary solely. If something, it’s an immersive method for customers to get to know the model higher. When I shopped for my first Harmonist fragrances on-line, a two-pronged strategy was utilized. I picked out a parfum from the other aspect of my component spectrum, and opted to embrace the essences of my Yin Metal nature when it was time to decide on a scented bougie.

Velvet Fire Parfum from the Yang Collection of The Harmonist


The Harmonist’s Velvet Fire Parfum, is a scent advisable for these dominated by the Yin Fire parts. This charismatic mix reveals new recollections and feelings usually related to summer time. Unlike the same old citrusy scents well-known in the course of the hotter months, Velvet Fire anchors the vibrancy of lavender and clary sage with earthy accords of tonka beans and tobacco. It is a singular summer time scent that dives deep into the human expertise of midsummer—cool mornings on the break of daybreak, the sharp scorch and stillness at noon, and the crisp breeze by dusk.

Hypnotizing Fire Perfumed Candle from the Yin Collection of The Harmonist


A shiny black jar, the place Hypnotizing Fire scented candle wax had been poured, is a fantastic accompaniment to New Mood yoga flows within the summertime. It is a mix particularly chosen to swimsuit the “sleek, magnetizing and nostalgic” attributes of Yang Metal. Warm notes of Madagascar vanilla, Bulgarian rose, Indonesian patchouli and pimento berries set the temper for a night observe. The amber glow of Hypnotizing Fire illuminates a darkly lit area, arrange for folding inwards and respiratory via poses. It additionally ignites a brand new mindset for studying to bounce or be comfortably nonetheless with one’s shadows.
“Our elixirs are greater than perfumes. They embody our want to assist our purchasers be taught extra about themselves, to encourage them to discover their potential and stability their energies, each interior and outer,” shares Lola. The aim is just not a lot about concealing however extra about peeling the layer. The Harmonist staff explains this as “revealing and enhancing who you really are, fairly than faux to be.”
According to Lola, use of pure, uncooked components are needed for bringing out the core essence of every component. They are mixed with different essences to create stability and sense of completion. The perfume maker provides, “The pure parts are mutually dependent, and when they’re fine- tuned, concord thrives. This could sound a bit esoteric, however really we will see it in our lives each day. Flowers want sunshine and rain; they develop from fertile soil. If one component is lacking or overbearing, then the plant withers. The similar applies to all facets of our life.”


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