The Rosie Posie kit: A no fuss, no bluff skincare essential

The Rosie Posie cruelty-free, skin-whitening equipment is accessible for same-day supply by way of Shopee.

NO fuss, no bluff Rosie Posie is the skincare model that will get you. It’s a easy four-step skincare equipment for busy lady bosses, who need to spend much less time pampering and extra time powering up by way of life.

Rosie Posie presents a delicate whitening pores and skin equipment that is bought all of the merchandise you want on the each day. Not to say, Rosie Posie combines all pure elements, delivering the best efficiency of pores and skin whitening with out having to make use of harsh chemical substances. Plus, it is halal-certified, cruelty free, non-GMO and paraben free.

The Bubble Belle Soap is a whitening antibacterial face and physique cleaning soap with kojic acid, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil.

Hydrate and really feel refreshed with the Misty Miss Toner. Experience contemporary pores and skin after this toner cleans away all of the dust from the day’s grime and replenishes your pores and skin to look radiant. This toner is an antibacterial pack with highly effective actives comparable to glycolic acid, lactic acid and niacinamide to hydrate your pores and skin.

The Sunrise Gel Moisturizing Sunblock is a whitening antibacterial sunblock with SPF 50. It will defend your pores and skin from harsh ultraviolet rays whereas supplying you with wholesome, rosy-white pores and skin.Rosie Posie’s Glitter Goddess Signature Night Serum accommodates pentavitin (a breakthrough ingredient confirmed to present your pores and skin 72 hours price of pores and skin hydration), niacinamide and tea tree oil.Take care and spend money on yourselves by getting the Rosie Posie equipment.

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