Red Algae Haircare? All About This Sea Ingredient

Algae is just like the grass of the ocean. It grows like a weed, is a meals supply for a lot of fish, and oxygenates the underwater ecosystem. You’ve most likely seen it by the ocean as a sludgy-slimy sort of underwater moss or when you’ve stored a fish tank, wished to do away with it. Or, maybe you already take algae as a superfood in your food plan, like spirulina. Aside from being essential to maintain aquatic life, albeit a littttle gross, algae thrives as magnificence ingredient. We checked in with Tammy Yaiser, VP of Product Development for Algenist – a model constructed on the advantages of algae — and the IGK founders who’re utilizing the ingredient of their newest product, to seek out out all about pink algae, particularly.

What is Red Algae?

Let’s get proper into it – first off, what’s pink algae, really? According to Tammy, pink algae is “massive group of algae that features many seaweeds and microalgae which are primarily pink in coloration.” It differs from different algal (add that to the Scrabble arsenal) species as a result of it seems reddish in coloration as a result of composition of distinctive pigments. “These enable pink algae to make use of wavelengths of sunshine that penetrate additional into the water, which different species are unable to make use of, making pink algae usually ample in deep or closely shaded habitats. Red algae are discovered all around the globe,” she continues.

Algae is ample however we wished to seek out out what helps it develop – fortunately, Tammy is aware of all-gae. “Like all algae, pink algae rely on photosynthesis to outlive. Most different kinds of algae reside close to the floor of the water to be able to get sufficient daylight to reside. Since pink algae can take up wavelengths of sunshine that penetrate deeper into the water, pink algae can reside in a lot deeper water the place mild of lengthy wavelengths can’t attain,” she explains. “Red algae have the power to reside and photosynthesize at better depths than different algae as a result of their distinctive pigment composition permits them to soak up mild that may penetrate deeper than different mild waves.”

Benefits to the Environment, Aquatic Environment and Skin/Hair 

When it involves sustainability, algae are successful awards on land and sea. “Algae is extraordinarily sustainable because it helps cut back carbon within the ambiance by absorbing a considerable amount of carbon dioxide. Moreover, algae grows extra quickly than terrestrial vegetation, and doesn’t require recent water like land crops do. Within an aquatic atmosphere, algae convert water and carbon dioxide to sugar through photosynthesis. This course of generates oxygen as a byproduct which contributes to the survival of fish and different aquatic organisms.”  

If it’s good for the earth, it’s most likely good for the physique. As far as pores and skin is anxious, it might probably assist reduce the looks of ugly darkish below eye circles, enhance pores and skin luminosity, de-puff and cut back look of below eye luggage. It additionally helps erase the look of fatigue within the eye and enhance safety in opposition to oxidative stress, in addition to assist soothe the pores and skin whereas bettering pores and skin firmness and texture. Tammy recommends looking for out algae for it’s magnificence boosting advantages as a result of it’s each a particularly sustainable and multifunctional. “Like all algae, pink algae is of course wealthy in varied minerals and micro-nutrients which assist with total pores and skin well being. Also, pink algae substances assist present a pleasing sensorial expertise to the completed product,” she shares.

Algae is the reward that retains on giving – it’s additionally a should for haircare. “Red Algae is understood to supply shine, hydration, and energy because of its vitamin and mineral-rich content material. It can be recognized for its excessive ranges of antioxidants, which can act as a defend in opposition to air pollution. Marine/ocean-inspired substances (seaweed, sea kelp and algae) are trending for 2023 in keeping with WGSN development studies,” be aware the founders of IGK Hair Care, Aaron Grenia, Leo Izquierdo, Franck Izquierdo and Chase Kusero. The IGK workforce wished to check if the skintastic advantages of pink algae would lengthen into the hair world, and it did!

“Red Algae can be a very good play into skinification of hair, as it’s extra generally present in skincare attributable to its antioxidant content material. IGK determined to formulate with this trending ingredient as a result of shoppers have present information of the optimistic advantages it has on pores and skin which may now translate to hair advantages in addition to proceed to assist the manufacturers total positioning of utilizing vegan, cruelty-free substances that give salon-worthy outcomes.”

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