How to transition your skincare routine from summer to monsoon

The monsoon season together with the rains, brings alongside a whole lot of related humidity. This requires a change in skincare merchandise in the course of the monsoon. Following a fundamental skincare routine is vital to a wholesome pores and skin. This is how one can modify their current skincare routine:
– The moisturisers used in the course of the monsoon want to be mild, and never as emollient and thick.
– Sunscreen is a should in each season. Using a gel primarily based water proof sunscreen is required so as to hold the pores and skin from feeling moist and sticky all through the day. Applying the sunscreen twice a day is required to hold your pores and skin protected from the UVA in addition to the UVB rays of the solar even on a cloudy day. It additionally protects the pores and skin dangerous blue mild from our gadgets.

– Even when it comes to utilizing make up merchandise, use non-comedogenic and waterproof merchandise to make the pores and skin really feel mild
– Since the humidity could trigger the pores and skin to be moist, it will be important to hold not simply the facial pores and skin but additionally the physique pores and skin dry. One could use blotting sheets as a substitute of powder to soak up any additional moisture/sweat from the face. Using dusting powder for the physique folds like underarms, interior thighs, folds of the neck will assist keep away from any opportunistic infections.

– As hair tends to get moist throughout this monsoon, the hair will get frizzy and appears untidy. People normally select to therapeutic massage oil on the scalp however, a therapeutic massage solely improves the circulation and oil won’t go into the hair shaft however oiling is sweet for the outer layer, coating it like a hat. Further on, use anti frizz serum after you wash and towel dry your hair.

– Besides harm to the shaft of the hair, UV rays alter the pure color and the feel of the hair. A particular phrase of warning right here to all those that have colored your hair. The rains and grime change the color that has been used on your shaft and likewise shorten the longevity of the results of hair color. Please do use shampoos formulated for shielding hair color. Cover your hair with a pleasant umbrella whereas travelling.

Inputs by Dr. Jamuna Pai

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