Eadem is the skincare brand fighting industry bias for melanin-rich skin

Founded by ladies of color for ladies of color, Eadem’s first product Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum fights hyperpigmentation with out lightening general skin tone
“When we are saying melanin-rich it’s not about the color of the skin essentially,” explains Marie Kouadio Amouzame, one half of the pair behind Eadem, a brand new skincare brand on a mission to have a good time ladies of color and supply them with merchandise to assist them really feel good of their skin. “It’s extra about how the skin behaves. If you possibly can tan with out burning, then we think about the skin melanin-rich.” 
Founded by Alice Lin Glover alongside Kouadio Amouzame, Eadem got here to be after the two met whereas working at Google and bonded over their shared wrestle to search out magnificence merchandise that have been efficient for them as ladies of color. Deciding to do one thing about it, they got down to create a brand that will cater particularly in direction of skin wealthy in melanin and proper the long-held bias in the magnificence industry in direction of paler skin tones. “We knew we have been onto one thing early on once we spoke with numerous ladies of color and all of them have been saying the identical factor: it is troublesome to navigate, merchandise don’t work, and I don’t know what to do for hyperpigmentation,” says Kouadio Amouzame. 
Following the launch of their way of life weblog in 2020, which appears at the international magnificence industry from the perspective of marginalised identities, final month they launched the first Eadem magnificence product: Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum. A darkish spot correcting serum filled with niacinamide, vitamin C, and algae, Milk Marvel works to lower and forestall with out lightening the general skin tone like many typical spot therapies do on darker skin.
With Milk Marvel, Eadem, which implies “all” or “the identical” in Latin, joins the ranks of recent manufacturers – from Tracee Ellis Ross’s Pattern and Sharon Chuter’s Uoma to Black Apothecary Office – working to handle the historic want for magnificence merchandise for Black individuals and POC. We spoke to Kouadio Amouzame and Lin Glover about the brand, the totally different wants of melanin-rich skin, and what being “clear” means to them. 

Photography William Ukoh. Courtesy of EADEM
What is your first magnificence reminiscence?
Alice Lin Glover: I’ve very early reminiscences of my mother meticulously making use of her skincare and sweetness merchandise – she is my without end guru, and so lots of her rituals have been handed all the way down to me! She at all times careworn the significance of caring for your skin from each the inside and outside, utilizing herbs and broths from her in depth data of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
What did you assume was lacking from the magnificence market that you simply wished to handle with Eadem?
Alice Lin Glover: For years I used substances like hydroquinone to handle my hyperpigmentation with out figuring out the dangerous unwanted effects (together with ochronosis) from extended use. And that is only one instance of a product extra seemingly for use by ladies of color. 
Because ladies of color have traditionally been an afterthought in magnificence, we’ve needed to fully break from the “norm” and begin from scratch with Eadem. Eadem is our method of centering ladies of color and their magnificence. By introducing Smart Melanin Beauty, we’re creating skincare uniquely formulated for skin of color. To obtain this, we labored with highly-qualified professionals who perceive skin of color to create customized formulation designed for melanin-rich skin. From formulation, to testing, to inventive, all the pieces wanted to be challenged and overturned to make ladies of shade the precedence. No token beauties right here.
You name your self a clear magnificence brand – what does that phrase ‘clear’ imply to you?
Alice Lin Glover: “Clean” has change into a stylish, even controversial phrase, particularly given that everybody has their very own definition and it’s not regulated. For us, it’s an vital distinction as a result of analysis has proven that in comparison with white ladies, no matter socioeconomic standing, ladies of color have larger ranges of magnificence product-related environmental chemical compounds of their our bodies — typically due to an European-centric splendid of magnificence that’s been marketed to us. 
Our merchandise adhere to US, EU, and Canada laws to verify our formulation are mild on the skin. We even went the additional mile to check our merchandise for efficacy, security, and stability – that are surprisingly not required by the FDA.

Courtesy of Eadem
How do the wants of melanin-rich skin differ?
Marie Kouadio Amouzame: Our dermatologist Dr Ann Brewer explains it as this: darker skin varieties have the identical variety of melanocytes (pigment producing cells), however they perform otherwise. Skin of color will depend on key variations in the manufacturing of melanin into totally different sizes, quantities, and ratios of melanin. Melanocytes are very delicate to emphasize/irritation/warmth which ends up in each hyper and hypopigmentation after cell damage. 
You launched with the Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum which treats darkish spots and hyperpigmentation. Why did you need to begin with these specific considerations? 
Alice Lin Glover: After years of analysis, Marie and I got here to understand that we weren’t the solely ones coping with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – it’s truly the primary motive individuals of color go to the dermatologist!
With melanin-rich skin you’ll want to be a lot gentler to keep away from irritation and trigger extra hyperpigmentation. That’s why when melanin-rich skin is uncovered to damage (assume zits, bug bites, ingrown hairs, harsh substances) the skin heals in response however produces extra melanin pigment, which ends up in darkish or pigmented spots. Because of this, it is completely very important for us to guard and deal with our skin with kindness and delicate substances — not simply because we deserve it, however as a result of we have to on a mobile degree!
You even have an editorial arm of the brand. Why is it vital to you to have that facet of issues? 
Alice Lin Glover:  Our intention with Eadem was to offer ladies like us a platform to share their distinctive tales and experiences. “Eadem” comes from the Latin phrase that means all or the identical, and our brand is actually rooted in these essential connections we’ve got with each other – whereas we could seem very totally different from the outdoors, there are such a lot of commonalities that bond us collectively. One of the most vital issues in constructing a brand for ladies of color was to essentially hearken to the voices in our group and create a spot the place they felt snug in their very own skin. 
What are the largest points dealing with the magnificence industry at the second?
Alice Lin Glover:  I believe so as to make precise change in the industry, we have to firstly have extra individuals of color on inside groups and in positions of energy in the industry so as to create merchandise for a various viewers. 
Tokenism, colourism, fetishization-sexualization-exoticism, cultural appropriation, lowering all minorities to a single picture/stereotype, these are all issues that we see time and time once more in the magnificence industry. We have been bored with watching manufacturers deal with range as only a advertising play and never truly do the work – an actual impetus for us to begin Eadem as a method to cope with these points head on.

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