A Makeup Artist’s Hack To Tone Down Shine & Still Look Dewy

Apply your basis and concealer as common (to nail dewy pores and skin, we suggest ethereal, barely satiny foundations and creamy concealers), and seize a clear magnificence sponge. Dampen the sponge, ensuring to squeeze out the surplus water, and wrap it up in a tissue. Pull the tissue taut and gently blot away wherever you discover probably the most shine—for a lot of, the T-zone space accrues probably the most oil, which may typically learn sweaty. “It’s that simple,” Scortezz says. The tissue acts as a blotting paper of kinds, absorbing oil via its tiny pores with out throwing off your make-up. If your tissue is two-ply, you may even separate it into thinner items for much more precision. Using a magnificence sponge, versus tapping on the tissue along with your fingers, additionally offers you extra dexterity and helps you attain tinier crevices (just like the corners of your nostril). Just a few ideas right here earlier than you blot: Always bounce the wonder sponge—by no means drag, lest you smear all of your concealer. Also, ensure that the sponge is not too moist; most make-up has an oil base, and an excessive amount of water can create pilling (bear in mind, oil and water will not be associates). A good rule of thumb is to ensure the tissue stays dry—that means, it might elevate up extra oil as an alternative of creating the pores and skin look much more misty. Feel free to reuse the method any time you’re feeling your make-up sweating off. Say, stash the sponge and a few tissues into your bag, and you may get rid of shine on the go.  

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