Scent memory: How a strong fragrance can promote mental well-being

The subsequent time you are feeling your self dropping stability and getting anxious about one thing, simply take a whiff of your favorite fragrance. There is a precise science that explains how that can have a calming impact in your thoughts and physique.
The pandemic has ensured we concentrate on our bodily well being and in addition our mental well-being. The unsure days that we spend languishing — questioning after we will get to have a glimpse of normalcy — have impacted our mental well being.
But, not a lot of individuals know that a strong sense of scent has been related to our well-being for a lot of many years now. That the olfactory cortex — which can be a a part of our limbic system, situated within the temporal lobe of the mind — processes all types of sensory inputs, thereby impacting our emotional responses and recollections. This is exactly why a sure fragrance or scent can be so evocative and nostalgic, bringing again recollections and feelings.
Elaborating this, Sheetal Desai of wiSDom Fragrances — a luxurious fragrance line — mentioned smells can produce each psychological and physiological responses.
“Aromachology is the research behind the psychological advantages of aromas (aroma + psychology). It delves into the psychological influence a scent can have on the mind. It is completely different from aromatherapy. Aromachology focuses on the response to completely different aromas. While linked to the well being of our thoughts, aromatherapy is definitely extra about a holistic therapeutic remedy, utilizing important oils and pure extracts, to deal with widespread illnesses,” she mentioned.

The position of perfumes
According to Desai, scent reminiscence is when our mind logs scents — much like a diary entry — smells a fragrance, and the reminiscence registers it. “The subsequent time you scent that very same scent, it could take you again to that first expertise, be it constructive or destructive.”
“A scent can remind you of a individual, an event, or a temper. The scent of a child is among the happiest scents. The fragrance of your father is commonly related to safety. The scent of freshly-baked cookies can be comforting. During World War II, many troopers took scented handkerchiefs with their cherished one’s fragrance,” she defined.
It must be famous that whereas scents are subjective, some scents have a collective response. In that, they’re used universally and have been accepted by folks throughout the globe in the identical vogue. Citrus-based scents, as an illustration, which stand for freshness, are broadly utilized in perfumery, and in households for the cleanliness attribute, Desai mentioned.

“Scents that usually make one really feel comfy are these associated to meals resembling vanilla, or a freshly-baked cake, or the scent of espresso. Experience with meals at all times brings consolation and therefore the aroma reminiscence additionally triggers a sense of consolation.”
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