Reverse washing: The haircare trick that can give you thicker-looking hair

When it involves haircare, you probably have your rinse-and-repeat routine down pat—a deep-cleanse with shampoo, adopted by a conditioner to moisturise and shut down the cuticles. But if you have wonderful hair that will get limp and weighed down each time you situation it, you might need to flip the method. Reverse washing, based on the professionals, may very well be the trick to extra voluminous hair. Here’s how one can do it. What is reverse washing?“When you shampoo first after which situation, together with the grime, grease and sweat, the shampoo additionally washes away the pure sebum or oil within the hair. Most of us attempt to overcompensate by including extra conditioner afterwards however the result’s dry, uninteresting and limp hair,” says Dr Rinky Kapoor, guide dermatologist, The Esthetic Clinics. Reverse hair washing, or conditioning your hair earlier than your shampoo, will protect the hair ends and nourish the hair cuticles, she says. Proponents of this technique declare that the conditioner will act like a primer earlier than washing, and protects the hair strand so that the shampoo would not strip it of its pure oils. “The logic is to let the conditioner soak in to guard hair and lock the moisture and pure oils. The surfactants within the shampoo rinse out the residues [that would normally be] left by the conditioner in your hair, which may very well be the explanation behind its limp texture,” says Loic Chapoix, artistic artwork director, Dessange Mumbai.How can you reverse hair wash?For the perfect outcomes, moist your hair. Ensure that it’s totally soaked, as a result of placing conditioner on damp or dry hair makes it tough to unfold. Squeeze out a dollop of conditioner in your palm and apply it evenly, ranging from the ends, working in direction of the mid-lengths. Avoid the roots and scalp. Leave it on for 5 to twenty minutes, after which moist the hair once more. Apply the shampoo and suds up whereas the conditioner continues to be on. Then, rinse all of it off. This will stop the hair from getting too dry, or ends too straggly. You can do that each time you wash your hair, or simply when you want a bit texture. According to Dr Kapoor, this technique can stop your hair from being too silky when your coiffure requires a bit “maintain” in your hair. Who should not attempt reverse washing?It is necessary to notice that reverse washing might not work for all hair sorts and textures. Shampoos often have a excessive pH, which helps them cleanse the grit out of your hair but in addition makes the floor of the hair shaft swell up. Conditioners, with their decrease pH, assist deliver your hair again right into a wholesome moisture steadiness and closes the cuticle. Using conditioner earlier than shampoo might depart the cuticles open and swelled, particularly if you have frizzy or very thick strands. In this case, it’s best to stay to the lather, rinse, conditioner, rinse routine, says Dr Kapoor. Also learn:How to benefit from your hair texture4 errors you may very well be making whereas utilizing conditioner 6 tried-and-tested Indian haircare merchandise for each hair concern

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